PowerShell Cmdlet List

PowerShell Cmdlet List

AclGetGets the security descriptor for a resource, such as a file or registry key.
AclSetChanges the security descriptor of a specified item, such as a file or a registry key.
AliasExportepalExports information about currently defined aliases to a file.
AliasGetgalGets the aliases for the current session.
AliasImportipalImports an alias list from a file.
AliasNewnalCreates a new alias.
AliasSetsalCreates or changes an alias (alternate name) for a cmdlet or other command element in the current Windows PowerShell session.
AppLockerFileInformationGetGets the AppLocker file information from a list of files or an event log.
AppLockerPolicyGetGets the local, effective, or domain AppLocker policy.
AppLockerPolicyNewCreates a new AppLocker policy from a list of file information and other rule-creation options.
AppLockerPolicySetSets the AppLocker policy for the specified Group Policy object (GPO).
AppLockerPolicyTestTests whether the input files are allowed to run for a given user based on the specified AppLocker policy.
ArchiveCompressCreates a new archive, or zipped file, from specified files and folders.
ArchiveExpandExtracts files from a specified archive (zipped) file.
AsWorkflowInvokeRuns a command or expression as a Windows PowerShell Workflow.
AuthenticodeSignatureGetGets information about the Authenticode signature in a file.
AuthenticodeSignatureSetAdds an Authenticode signature to a Windows PowerShell script or other file.
AvailabilityGroupStatusGetGet-AvailabilityGroupStatus [-Identity ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
BitsFileAddAdds one or more files to an existing Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) transfer job.
BitsTransferCompleteCompletes a Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) transfer job.
BitsTransferGetRetrieves the associated BitsJob object for an existing Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) transfer job.
BitsTransferRemoveCancels a Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) transfer job.
BitsTransferResumeResumes a Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) transfer job.
BitsTransferSetModifies the properties of an existing Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) transfer job.
BitsTransferStartCreates a new Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) transfer job.
BitsTransferSuspendSuspends a Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) transfer job.
ChildItemGetdir, gci, lsGets the items and child items in one or more specified locations.
CimAssociatedInstanceGetRetrieves the CIM instances that are connected to a specific CIM instance by an association.
CimClassGetGets a list of CIM classes in a specific namespace.
CimIndicationEventRegisterSubscribes to indications using a filter expression or a query expression.
CimInstanceGetGets the CIM instances of a class from a CIM server.
CimInstanceNewCreates a CIM instance.
CimInstanceRemoveRemoves a CIM instance from a computer.
CimInstanceSetModifies a CIM instance on a CIM server by calling the ModifyInstance method of the CIM class..
CimMethodInvokeInvokes a method of a CIM class.
CimSessionGetGets the CIM session objects from the current session.
CimSessionNewCreates a CIM session.
CimSessionRemoveRemoves one or more CIM sessions.
CimSessionOptionNewSpecifies advanced options for the New-CimSession cmdlet.
ClipboardGetGets the current Windows clipboard entry.
ClipboardSetSets the current Windows clipboard entry.
ClixmlExportCreates an XML-based representation of an object or objects and stores it in a file.
ClixmlImportImports a CLIXML file and creates corresponding objects within Windows PowerShell.
CmsMessageGetGets content that has been encrypted by using the Cryptographic Message Syntax format.
CmsMessageProtectEncrypts content by using the Cryptographic Message Syntax format.
CmsMessageUnprotectDecrypts content that has been encrypted by using the Cryptographic Message Syntax format.
CommandGetgcmGets all commands.
CommandInvokeicmRuns commands on local and remote computers.
CommandMeasureMeasures the time it takes to run script blocks and cmdlets.
CommandShowshcmCreates Windows PowerShell commands in a graphical command window.
CommandTracetrcmConfigures and starts a trace of the specified expression or command.
ComputerAddAdd the local computer to a domain or workgroup.
ComputerCheckpointCreates a system restore point on the local computer.
ComputerRemoveRemoves the local computer from its domain.
ComputerRenameRenames a computer.
ComputerRestartRestarts (“reboots”) the operating system on local and remote computers.
ComputerRestoreStarts a system restore on the local computer.
ComputerStopStops (shuts down) local and remote computers.
ComputerMachinePasswordResetResets the machine account password for the computer.
ComputerRestoreDisableDisables the System Restore feature on the specified file system drive.
ComputerRestoreEnableEnables the System Restore feature on the specified file system drive.
ComputerRestorePointGetGets the restore points on the local computer.
ComputerSecureChannelTestTests and repairs the secure channel between the local computer and its domain.
ConnectionTestSends ICMP echo request packets (“pings”) to one or more computers.
ConsoleExportExports the names of snap-ins in the current session to a console file.
ContentAddacAdds content to the specified items, such as adding words to a file.
ContentClearclcDeletes the contents of an item, but does not delete the item.
ContentGetcat, gc, typeGets the content of the item at the specified location.
ContentSetscWrites or replaces the content in an item with new content.
ControlPanelItemGetGets control panel items.
ControlPanelItemShowOpens control panel items.
CounterExportThe Export-Counter cmdlet takes PerformanceCounterSampleSet objects and exports them as counter log files.
CounterGetGets performance counter data from local and remote computers.
CounterImportImports performance counter log files (.blg, .csv, .tsv) and creates the objects that represent each counter sample in the log.
CredentialGetGets a credential object based on a user name and password.
CsvConvertFromConverts object properties in comma-separated value (CSV) format into CSV versions of the original objects.
CsvConvertToConverts objects into a series of comma-separated value (CSV) variable-length strings.
CsvExportepcsvConverts objects into a series of comma-separated (CSV) strings and saves the strings in a CSV file.
CsvImportipcsvCreates table-like custom objects from the items in a CSV file.
CultureGetGets the current culture set in the operating system.
CustomFormatfcUses a customized view to format the output.
DatabaseFromAvailabilityGroupRemoveRemove-DatabaseFromAvailabilityGroup [-AGName] -DatabaseName [-Force] [-KeepSecondaryData] [-AssignmentCollection ] []

Remove-DatabaseFromAvailabilityGroup [-AGName] -ProcessAllDatabases [-Force] [-KeepSecondaryData] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
DatabaseToAvailabilityGroupAddAdd-DatabaseToAvailabilityGroup [-AGName] -DatabaseName [-FileShare ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []

Add-DatabaseToAvailabilityGroup [-AGName] -ProcessAllDatabases [-FileShare ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
DateGetGets the current date and time.
DateSetChanges the system time on the computer to a time that you specify.
DebugWriteWrites a debug message to the console.
DebuggerWaitStops a script in the debugger before running the next statement in the script.
DefaultOutSends the output to the default formatter and to the default output cmdlet.
DscChecksumNewCreates checksum files for Desired State Configuration documents and Desired State Configuration resources.
DscConfigurationGetGets the current configuration of the nodes.
DscConfigurationPublishPublishes a DSC configuration to a set of machines, but does not apply it.
DscConfigurationRestoreReapplies the previous configuration for the node.
DscConfigurationStartApplies configuration to nodes.
DscConfigurationStopStops a running configuration.
DscConfigurationTestTests whether the actual configuration on the nodes matches the desired configuration.
DscConfigurationUpdateChecks the pull server for an updated configuration and applies it.
DscConfigurationDocumentRemoveRemoves a configuration document from the DSC configuration store.
DscConfigurationStatusGetRetrieves data about completed configuration runs.
DscDebugDisableStops debugging of DSC resources.
DscDebugEnableStart debugging of all DSC resources.
DscLocalConfigurationManagerGetGets Local Configuration Manager settings and states for the node.
DscLocalConfigurationManagerSetApplies Local Configuration Manager settings to nodes.
DscResourceFindFinds a DSC resource.
DscResourceGetGets the DSC resources present on the computer.
DscResourceInvokeRuns a method of a specified DSC resource.
EngineEventRegisterSubscribes to events that are generated by the Windows PowerShell engine and by the New-Event cmdlet.
ErrorWriteWrites an object to the error stream.
EventGetGets the events in the event queue.
EventNewCreates a new event.
EventRemoveDeletes events from the event queue.
EventUnregisterCancels an event subscription.
EventWaitWaits until a particular event is raised before continuing to run.
EventLogClearDeletes all entries from specified event logs on the local or remote computers.
EventLogGetGets the events in an event log, or a list of the event logs, on the local or remote computers.
EventLogLimitSets the event log properties that limit the size of the event log and the age of its entries.
EventLogNewCreates a new event log and a new event source on a local or remote computer.
EventLogRemoveDeletes an event log or unregisters an event source.
EventLogShowDisplays the event logs of the local or a remote computer in Event Viewer.
EventLogWriteWrites an event to an event log.
EventSubscriberGetGets the event subscribers in the current session.
ExecutionPolicyGetGets the execution policies for the current session.
ExecutionPolicySetChanges the user preference for the Windows PowerShell execution policy.
ExpressionInvokeiexRuns commands or expressions on the local computer.
FileOutSends output to a file.
FileUnblockUnblocks files that were downloaded from the Internet.
FormatDataExportSaves formatting data from the current session in a formatting file.
FormatDataGetGets the formatting data in the current session.
FormatDataUpdateUpdates the formatting data in the current session.
GridViewOutogvSends output to an interactive table in a separate window.
HelpGetDisplays information about Windows PowerShell commands and concepts.
HelpSaveDownloads and saves the newest help files to a file system directory.
HelpUpdateDownloads and installs the newest help files on your computer.
HistoryAddAppends entries to the session history.
HistoryClearclhyDeletes entries from the command history.
HistoryGetghy, h, historyGets a list of the commands entered during the current session.
HistoryInvokeihy, rRuns commands from the session history.
hostclearcls, clearClear screen
HostGetGets an object that represents the current host program.
HostOutohSends output to the command line.
HostReadReads a line of input from the console.
HostWriteWrites customized output to a host.
HotFixGetGets the hotfixes that have been applied to the local and remote computers.
HtmlConvertToConverts Microsoft .NET Framework objects into HTML that can be displayed in a Web browser.
InformationWriteSpecifies how Windows PowerShell handles information stream data for a command.
InstalledModuleGetGets installed modules on a computer.
InstalledScriptGetGets an installed script.
ItemClearcliClears the contents of an item, but does not delete the item.
ItemCopycopy, cp, cpiCopies an item from one location to another.
ItemGetgiGets the item at the specified location.
ItemInvokeiiPerforms the default action on the specified item.
ItemMovemi, move, mvMoves an item from one location to another.
ItemNewniCreates a new item.
ItemRemovedel, erase, rd, ri, rm, rmdirDeletes the specified items.
ItemRenameren, rniRenames an item in a Windows PowerShell provider namespace.
ItemSetsiChanges the value of an item to the value specified in the command.
ItemPropertyClearclpDeletes the value of a property but does not delete the property.
ItemPropertyCopycppCopies a property and value from a specified location to another location.
ItemPropertyGetgpGets the properties of a specified item.
ItemPropertyMovempMoves a property from one location to another.
ItemPropertyNewCreates a new property for an item and sets its value. For example, you can use New-ItemProperty to create and change registry values and data, which are properties of a registry key.
ItemPropertyRemoverpDeletes the property and its value from an item.
ItemPropertyRenamernpRenames a property of an item.
ItemPropertySetspCreates or changes the value of a property of an item.
ItemPropertyValueGetgpvGets the value for one or more properties of a specified item.
JobDebugDebugs a running background, remote, or Windows PowerShell Workflow job.
JobGetgjbGets Windows PowerShell background jobs that are running in the current session.
JobReceivercjbGets the results of the Windows PowerShell background jobs in the current session.
JobRemoverjbDeletes a Windows PowerShell background job.
JobResumerujbRestarts a suspended job
JobStartsajbStarts a Windows PowerShell background job.
JobStopspjbStops a Windows PowerShell background job.
JobSuspendsujbTemporarily stops workflow jobs.
JobWaitwjbSuppresses the command prompt until one or all of the Windows PowerShell background jobs running in the session are …
JobTriggerAddAdds job triggers to scheduled jobs
JobTriggerDisableDisables the job triggers of scheduled jobs
JobTriggerEnableEnables the job triggers of scheduled jobs
JobTriggerGetGets the job triggers of scheduled jobs.
JobTriggerNewCreates a job trigger for a scheduled job
JobTriggerRemoveDelete job triggers from scheduled jobs
JobTriggerSetChanges the job trigger of a scheduled job.
JsonConvertFromConverts a JSON-formatted string to a custom object.
JsonConvertToConverts an object to a JSON-formatted string
ListFormatflFormats the output as a list of properties in which each property appears on a new line.
ListUpdateAdds items to and removes items from a property value that contains a collection of objects.
LocalizedDataImportImports language-specific data into scripts and functions based on the UI culture that is selected for the operating system.
LocationGetgl, pwdGets information about the current working location or a location stack.
LocationPoppopdChanges the current location to the location most recently pushed onto the stack. You can pop the location from the default stack or from a stack that you create by using the Push-Location cmdlet.
LocationPushpushdAdds the current location to the top of a location stack.
LocationSetcd, chdir, slSets the current working location to a specified location.
MailMessageSendSends an e-mail message.
MemberAddAdds custom properties and methods to an instance of a Windows PowerShell object.
MemberGetgmGets the properties and methods of objects.
ModuleFindFinds modules from an online gallery that match specified criteria.
ModuleGetgmoGets the modules that have been imported or that can be imported into the current session.
ModuleImportipmoAdds modules to the current session.
ModuleInstallDownloads one or more modules from an online gallery, and installs them on the local computer.
ModuleNewnmoCreates a new dynamic module that exists only in memory.
ModulePublishPublishes a specified module from the local computer to an online gallery.
ModuleRemovermoRemoves modules from the current session.
ModuleSaveSaves a module locally without installing it.
ModuleUninstallUninstalls a module.
ModuleUpdateDownloads and installs the newest version of specified modules from an online gallery to the local computer.
ModuleManifestNewCreates a new module manifest.
ModuleManifestTestVerifies that a module manifest file accurately describes the contents of a module.
ModuleManifestUpdateUpdates a module manifest file.
ModuleMemberExportSpecifies the module members that are exported.
NetworkSwitchConfigurationRestoreRestores configuration for a network switch.
NetworkSwitchConfigurationSaveSaves configuration for starting a network switch.
NetworkSwitchEthernetPortDisableDisables an Ethernet port on a network switch.
NetworkSwitchEthernetPortEnableEnables an Ethernet port on a network switch.
NetworkSwitchEthernetPortGetGets port information for a network switch.
NetworkSwitchEthernetPortIPAddressRemoveRemoves an IP address from a port of a network switch.
NetworkSwitchEthernetPortIPAddressSetSets the IP address on a port on a network switch.
NetworkSwitchFeatureDisableDisables features of a network switch.
NetworkSwitchFeatureEnableEnables features of a network switch.
NetworkSwitchGlobalDataGetGets global data of a network switch.
NetworkSwitchPortModeSetSets the port mode on a network switch.
NetworkSwitchPortPropertySetSets the port properties for a network switch.
NetworkSwitchVlanDisableDisables a VLAN of a network switch.
NetworkSwitchVlanEnableEnables a VLAN for a network switch.
NetworkSwitchVlanGetGets VLANs for a network switch.
NetworkSwitchVlanNewCreates a VLAN for a network switch.
NetworkSwitchVlanRemoveRemoves network switch VLANs.
NetworkSwitchVlanPropertySetModifies properties on a VLAN on a network switch.
NullOutDeletes output instead of sending it down the pipeline.
ObjectComparecompare, diffCompares two sets of objects.
ObjectForEach%, foreachPerforms an operation against each item in a collection of input objects.
ObjectGroupgroupGroups objects that contain the same value for specified properties.
ObjectMeasuremeasureCalculates the numeric properties of objects, and the characters, words, and lines in string objects, such as files of text.
ObjectNewCreates an instance of a Microsoft .NET Framework or COM object.
ObjectSelectselectSelects objects or object properties.
ObjectSortsortSorts objects by property values.
ObjectTeeteeSaves command output in a file or variable and also sends it down the pipeline.
ObjectWhere?, whereSelects objects from a collection based on their property values.
ObjectEventRegisterSubscribes to the events that are generated by a Microsoft .NET Framework object.
ODataEndpointProxyExportGenerates a module that contains cmdlets to manage an OData endpoint.
OutputWriteecho, writeSends the specified objects to the next command in the pipeline. If the command is the last command in the pipeline, the objects are displayed in the console.
PackageFindFinds software packages in available package sources.
PackageGetReturns a list of all software packages that have been installed by using Package Management.
PackageInstallInstalls one or more software packages.
PackageSaveSaves packages to the local computer without installing them.
PackageUninstallUninstalls one or more software packages.
PackageProviderFindReturns a list of Package Management package providers available for installation.
PackageProviderGetReturns a list of package providers that are connected to Package Management.
PackageProviderImportAdds Package Management package providers to the current session.
PackageProviderInstallInstalls one or more Package Management package providers.
PackageSourceGetGets a list of package sources that are registered for a package provider.
PackageSourceRegisterAdds a package source for a specified package provider.
PackageSourceSetReplaces a package source for a specified package provider.
PackageSourceUnregisterRemoves a registered package source.
PathConvertcvpaConverts a path from a Windows PowerShell path to a Windows PowerShell provider path.
PathJoinCombines a path and a child path into a single path. The provider supplies the path delimiters.
PathResolvervpaResolves the wildcard characters in a path, and displays the path contents.
PathSplitReturns the specified part of a path.
PathTestDetermines whether all elements of a path exist.
PfxCertificateGetGets information about .pfx certificate files on the computer.
PrinterOutlpSends output to a printer.
ProcessDebugDebugs one or more processes running on the local computer.
ProcessGetgps, psGets the processes that are running on the local computer or a remote computer.
ProcessStartsaps, startStarts one or more processes on the local computer.
ProcessStopkill, sppsStops one or more running processes.
ProcessWaitWaits for the processes to be stopped before accepting more input.
ProgressWriteDisplays a progress bar within a Windows PowerShell command window.
ProjectServerLicenseDisableDisable-ProjectServerLicense [-AssignmentCollection ] []
ProjectServerLicenseEnableEnable-ProjectServerLicense [-Key] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
ProjectServerLicenseGetGet-ProjectServerLicense [-AssignmentCollection ] []
PSBreakpointDisabledbpDisables the breakpoints in the current console.
PSBreakpointEnableebpEnables the breakpoints in the current console.
PSBreakpointGetgbpGets the breakpoints that are set in the current session.
PSBreakpointRemoverbpDeletes breakpoints from the current console.
PSBreakpointSetsbpSets a breakpoint on a line, command, or variable.
PSCallStackGetgcsDisplays the current call stack.
PSDebugSetTurns script debugging features on and off, sets the trace level, and toggles strict mode.
PSDriveGetgdrGets drives in the current session.
PSDriveNewmount, ndrCreates temporary and persistent mapped network drives.
PSDriveRemoverdrDeletes temporary Windows PowerShell drives and disconnects mapped network drives.
PSHostProcessEnterConnects to and enters into an interactive session with a local process.
PSHostProcessExitCloses an interactive session with a local process.
PSProviderGetGets information about the specified Windows PowerShell provider.
PSRemotingDisablePrevents remote users from running commands on the local computer.
PSRemotingEnableConfigures the computer to receive remote commands.
PSRepositoryGetGets PowerShell repositories.
PSRepositoryRegisterRegisters a PowerShell repository.
PSRepositorySetSets values for a registered repository.
PSRepositoryUnregisterUnregisters a repository.
PSRoleCapabilityFileNewCreates a file that defines a set of capabilities to be exposed through a session configuration.
PSSessionConnectcnsnReconnects to disconnected sessions
PSSessionDisconnectdnsnDisconnects from a session.
PSSessionEnteretsnStarts an interactive session with a remote computer.
PSSessionExitexsnEnds an interactive session with a remote computer.
PSSessionExportepsnImports commands from another session and saves them in a Windows PowerShell module.
PSSessionGetgsnGets the Windows PowerShell sessions on local and remote computers.
PSSessionImportipsnImports commands from another session into the current session.
PSSessionNewnsnCreates a persistent connection to a local or remote computer.
PSSessionReceivercsnGets results of commands in disconnected sessions
PSSessionRemoversnCloses one or more Windows PowerShell sessions (PSSessions).
PSSessionCapabilityGetGets the capabilities of a specific user on a constrained session configuration.
PSSessionConfigurationDisableDisables session configurations on the local computer.
PSSessionConfigurationEnableEnables the session configurations on the local computer.
PSSessionConfigurationGetGets the registered session configurations on the computer.
PSSessionConfigurationRegisterCreates and registers a new session configuration.
PSSessionConfigurationSetChanges the properties of a registered session configuration.
PSSessionConfigurationUnregisterDeletes registered session configurations from the computer.
PSSessionConfigurationFileNewnpsscCreates a file that defines a session configuration.
PSSessionConfigurationFileTestVerifies the keys and values in a session configuration file.
PSSessionOptionNewCreates an object that contains advanced options for a PSSession.
PSSnapinAddasnpAdds one or more Windows PowerShell snap-ins to the current session.
PSSnapinGetGets the Windows PowerShell snap-ins on the computer.
PSSnapinRemoversnpRemoves Windows PowerShell snap-ins from the current session.
PSTransportOptionNewCreates an object that contains advanced options for a session configuration.
PSWorkflowExecutionOptionNewCreates an object that contains session configuration options for workflow sessions.
PSWorkflowSessionNewCreates a workflow session.
RandomGetGets a random number, or selects objects randomly from a collection.
RestMethodInvokeirmSends an HTTP or HTTPS request to a RESTful web service.
RunspaceDebugStarts an interactive debugging session with a runspace.
RunspaceGetGets active runspaces within a Windows PowerShell host process.
RunspaceDebugDisableDisables debugging on one or more runspaces, and releases any pending debugger stop.
RunspaceDebugEnableEnables debugging on runspaces where any breakpoint is preserved until a debugger is attached.
RunspaceDebugGetShows runspace debugging options.
ScheduledJobDisableDisables a scheduled job
ScheduledJobEnableEnables a scheduled job
ScheduledJobGetGets scheduled jobs on the local computer.
ScheduledJobRegisterCreates a new scheduled job.
ScheduledJobSetChanges scheduled jobs
ScheduledJobUnregisterDeletes scheduled jobs on the local computer.
ScheduledJobOptionGetGets the job options of scheduled jobs.
ScheduledJobOptionNewCreates an object that contains advanced options for a scheduled job.
ScheduledJobOptionSetChanges the job options of a scheduled job.
ScriptFindFinds a script.
ScriptInstallInstalls a script.
ScriptPublishPublishes a script.
ScriptSaveSaves a script.
ScriptUninstallUninstalls a script file.
ScriptUpdateUpdates a script.
ScriptFileInfoNewCreates a script file with metadata.
ScriptFileInfoTestValidates a comment block for a script.
ScriptFileInfoUpdateUpdates information for a script.
SecureStringConvertFromConverts a secure string into an encrypted standard string.
SecureStringConvertToConverts encrypted standard strings to secure strings. It can also convert plain text to secure strings. It is used …
ServiceGetgsvGets the services on a local or remote computer.
ServiceNewCreates a new Windows service.
ServiceRestartStops and then starts one or more services.
ServiceResumeResumes one or more suspended (paused) services.
ServiceSetStarts, stops, and suspends a service, and changes its properties.
ServiceStartsasvStarts one or more stopped services.
ServiceStopspsvStops one or more running services.
ServiceSuspendSuspends (pauses) one or more running services.
SleepStartsleepSuspends the activity in a script or session for the specified period of time.
SPAccessServiceApplicationGetReturns an Access Services application or a collection of Access Services applications.
SPAccessServiceApplicationNewCreates a new instance of an Access Services application in SharePoint Server 2013.
SPAccessServiceApplicationSetSets global properties of an existing Access Services application in SharePoint Server 2013.
SPAccessServicesApplicationGetGet-SPAccessServicesApplication [[-Identity] ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPAccessServicesApplicationNewNew-SPAccessServicesApplication -ApplicationPool [-Name ] [-Default] [-RequestDurationMax ] [-SessionsPerUserMax ] [-SessionsPerAnonymousUserMax ] [-CacheTimeout ] [-PrivateBytesMax ] [-QueryTimeout ] [-RecoveryPointObjective ] [-Hosted ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []

New-SPAccessServicesApplication -DatabaseServer -ApplicationPool -Default [-DatabaseServerCredentials ] [-Name ] [-RequestDurationMax ] [-SessionsPerUserMax ] [-SessionsPerAnonymousUserMax ] [-CacheTimeout ] [-PrivateBytesMax ] [-QueryTimeout ] [-RecoveryPointObjective ] [-Hosted ] [-Encrypt ] [-TrustServerCertificate ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAccessServicesApplicationSetSet-SPAccessServicesApplication [-Identity] [-RequestDurationMax ] [-SessionsPerUserMax ] [-SessionsPerAnonymousUserMax ] [-CacheTimeout ] [-PrivateBytesMax ] [-RecoveryPointObjective ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAccessServicesApplicationProxyNewNew-SPAccessServicesApplicationProxy [-application] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAccessServicesDatabaseExportExport-SPAccessServicesDatabase -DatabaseName -ServerReferenceId [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPAccessServicesDatabaseGetGet-SPAccessServicesDatabase [[-Identity] ] [[-ContentDb] ] [[-AccessAppsOnly] ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPAccessServicesDatabaseImportImport-SPAccessServicesDatabase -DatabaseName -ServerReferenceId -Bacpac [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPAccessServicesDatabaseCredentialsCopyCopy-SPAccessServicesDatabaseCredentials [-AppUrl] -ServiceContext -SourceServer -TargetServer -ServerCredential [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPAccessServicesDatabasePasswordResetReset-SPAccessServicesDatabasePassword [-ServiceContext] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []

Reset-SPAccessServicesDatabasePassword [-ServiceContext] -Database [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAccessServicesDatabaseServerGetGet-SPAccessServicesDatabaseServer [-ServiceContext] [-DatabaseServerGroup ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []

Get-SPAccessServicesDatabaseServer [-ServiceContext] -DatabaseServerGroup -DatabaseServer [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPAccessServicesDatabaseServerNewNew-SPAccessServicesDatabaseServer [-ServiceContext] -DatabaseServerName [-DatabaseServerGroupName ] [-ServerReferenceId ] [-DatabaseServerCredentials ] [-AvailableForCreate ] [-Exclusive ] [-Encrypt ] [-TrustServerCertificate ] [-ValidateServer ] [-SecondaryDatabaseServerName ] [-UserDomain ] [-LoginType ] [-State ] [-StateOwner ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAccessServicesDatabaseServerRemoveRemove-SPAccessServicesDatabaseServer [-ServiceContext] -DatabaseServer -DatabaseServerGroup [-Force] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAccessServicesDatabaseServerSetSet-SPAccessServicesDatabaseServer [-ServiceContext] -DatabaseServerGroup -DatabaseServer [-DatabaseServerName ] [-DatabaseServerCredentials ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []

Set-SPAccessServicesDatabaseServer [-ServiceContext] -DatabaseServerGroup -DatabaseServer -State -StateOwner [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []

Set-SPAccessServicesDatabaseServer [-ServiceContext] -DatabaseServerGroup -DatabaseServer -UserDomain [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []

Set-SPAccessServicesDatabaseServer [-ServiceContext] -DatabaseServerGroup -DatabaseServer -AvailableForCreate [-Exclusive ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []

Set-SPAccessServicesDatabaseServer [-ServiceContext] -DatabaseServerGroup -DatabaseServer -Encrypt -TrustServerCertificate [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []

Set-SPAccessServicesDatabaseServer [-ServiceContext] -DatabaseServerGroup -DatabaseServer [-SecondaryDatabaseServerName ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []

Set-SPAccessServicesDatabaseServer [-ServiceContext] -DatabaseServerGroup -DatabaseServer -Failover [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAccessServicesDatabaseServerGroupGetGet-SPAccessServicesDatabaseServerGroup [-ServiceContext] [[-DatabaseServerGroup] ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPAccessServicesDatabaseServerGroupMappingGetGet-SPAccessServicesDatabaseServerGroupMapping [-ServiceContext] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAccessServicesDatabaseServerGroupMappingSetSet-SPAccessServicesDatabaseServerGroupMapping [-ServiceContext] -DatabaseServerGroup [-CorporateCatalog] [-ObjectModel] [-RemoteObjectModel] [-DeveloperSite] [-StoreFront] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []

Set-SPAccessServicesDatabaseServerGroupMapping [-ServiceContext] -ClearMapping [-CorporateCatalog] [-ObjectModel] [-RemoteObjectModel] [-DeveloperSite] [-StoreFront] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPActivitiesToWorkflowServiceCopyCopy-SPActivitiesToWorkflowService [-WorkflowServiceAddress ] [-ActivityName ] [-Credential ] [-Force ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPActivityFeedItemsRemoveRemove-SPActivityFeedItems -ProfileServiceApplicationProxy [-SiteSubscription ] [-AllItems ] [-ID ] [-SearchText ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAdminJobStartImmediately starts any waiting administrative job on the local computer.
SPAlternateURLGetReturns all alternate URLs that match a given set of criteria.
SPAlternateUrlNewCreates a new public or internal URL for the specified Web application zone or resource.
SPAlternateUrlRemoveCompletely deletes the specified alternate URL.
SPAlternateUrlSetConfigures the specified alternate URL.
SPAppInstallInstalls an instance of an app.
SPAppAcquisitionConfigurationGetGet-SPAppAcquisitionConfiguration -WebApplication [-AssignmentCollection ] []

Get-SPAppAcquisitionConfiguration -SiteSubscription [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPAppAcquisitionConfigurationSetSet-SPAppAcquisitionConfiguration -Enable -WebApplication [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []

Set-SPAppAcquisitionConfiguration -Enable -SiteSubscription [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAppAutoProvisionDisableDisables automatic provisioning of an app.
SPAppAutoProvisionEnableEnables automatic provisioning of an app.
SPAppAutoProvisionConnectionGetReturns provision connection settings for an app.
SPAppAutoProvisionConnectionSetSets provision connection settings for an app.
SPAppCatalogConfigurationUpdateUpdate-SPAppCatalogConfiguration [-Site] [-SkipWebTemplateChecking] [-Force] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAppDeniedEndpointAddAdds a relative URL endpoint of a server to the list of app-denied endpoints.
SPAppDeniedEndpointRemoveRemoves a relative URL endpoint of a server from the list of app-denied endpoints.
SPAppDeniedEndpointListClearClear-SPAppDeniedEndpointList [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAppDeniedEndpointListGetGet-SPAppDeniedEndpointList [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPAppDisablingConfigurationGetGet-SPAppDisablingConfiguration [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPAppDisablingConfigurationSetSet-SPAppDisablingConfiguration -Enable [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAppDomainGetReturns the domain used to host apps.
SPAppDomainSetSets the domain used to host apps.
SPAppHostingQuotaConfigurationGetGet-SPAppHostingQuotaConfiguration -SiteSubscription [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAppHostingQuotaConfigurationSetSet-SPAppHostingQuotaConfiguration -SiteSubscription -AppHostingLicenseQuota -AppInstanceCountQuota [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAppInstanceGetReturns the metadata for an instance of an app.
SPAppInstanceUninstallUninstalls an instance of an app.
SPAppInstanceUpdateUpdates the app instance.
SPAppInstanceJobRestartRestart-SPAppInstanceJob -AppInstance [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPApplicationContentInstallCopies shared application data to existing Web application folders.
SPAppManagementDataMoveMove-SPAppManagementData -SourceAppManagementDatabase -TargetContentDatabase -SiteSubscriptionId [-OverWrite] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAppManagementDeploymentIdSetSets the identifier of the farm or tenant used by the Office Marketplace to issue App licenses.
SPAppManagementServiceApplicationNewCreates an App Management Service application.
SPAppManagementServiceApplicationUpgradeUpgrade-SPAppManagementServiceApplication [[-Identity] ] [-DatabaseIds ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []

Upgrade-SPAppManagementServiceApplication [-Name ] [-DatabaseIds ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAppManagementServiceApplicationProxyNewCreates an App Management Service application proxy.
SPAppPackageExportExports an app package.
SPAppPackageImportImports an app package.
SPAppPrincipalGetDisplays a specific app principal object.
SPAppPrincipalRegisterLets an on-premise or SharePoint Online administrator register an app principal.
SPAppPrincipalPermissionRemoveRemoves the permissions on a specified app principal.
SPAppPrincipalPermissionSetSets the permissions on a given app principal.
SPAppScaleProfileGetReturns settings for an app profile.
SPAppScaleProfileSetSets settings for the app profile.
SPAppSiteDomainSetSet-SPAppSiteDomain -Site [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAppSiteSubscriptionNameGetReturns the name of the specified site subscription.
SPAppSiteSubscriptionNameSetSets or changes the name for the specified site subscription.
SPAppStateSyncLastRunTimeGetReturns the latest time the app state update job was invoked.
SPAppStateUpdateIntervalGetReturns the interval in hours between updates of the app state update job.
SPAppStateUpdateIntervalSetSets the interval in hours between updates of the app state update job.
SPAppStoreConfigurationGetGet-SPAppStoreConfiguration [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPAppStoreConfigurationSetSet-SPAppStoreConfiguration -Enable [-Url ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAppStoreWebServiceConfigurationGetGet-SPAppStoreWebServiceConfiguration [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPAppStoreWebServiceConfigurationSetSet-SPAppStoreWebServiceConfiguration -Client [-ProxyVersion ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPAssignmentStartInitiates a new assignment store.
SPAssignmentStopDisposes of objects in the provided assignment collection.
SPAuthenticationProviderGetReturns an authentication provider.
SPAuthenticationProviderNewCreates a new authentication provider in the farm.
SPAuthenticationRealmGetReturns the authentication realms.
SPAuthenticationRealmSetSets the authentication realm.
SPAzureAccessControlServiceApplicationProxyNewCreates a new service application proxy group.
SPBackupHistoryGetReturns a history of backup and restore operations.
SPBECWebServiceApplicationProxyNewDo not use this cmdlet.
SPBingMapsBlockGetReturns Bing Maps blocked status.
SPBingMapsBlockSetSets Bing maps to blocked status.
SPBingMapsKeyGetReturns the Bing Maps key.
SPBingMapskeySetSets the Bing Maps key.
SPBlobStorageLocationMoveCopies a content database to a new location by using Remote BLOB Storage (RBS).
SPBrowserCustomerExperienceImprovementProgramGetReturns the current opt-in state for the browser Customer Experience Improvement Program.
SPBrowserCustomerExperienceImprovementProgramSetTurns on or off the browser Customer Experience Improvement Program.
SPBusinessDataCatalogAclToChildrenCopyCopies a set of permissions of a Business Data Connectivity Metadata Store metadata object to its child objects.
SPBusinessDataCatalogDotNetAssemblyImportImports a .NET Connectivity assembly.
SPBusinessDataCatalogEntityDisableDeactivates an External Content type in the Business Data Connectivity Metadata Store.
SPBusinessDataCatalogEntityEnableActivates an External Content type in the Business Data Connectivity Metadata Store.
SPBusinessDataCatalogEntityNotificationWebClearClears the entity notification site.
SPBusinessDataCatalogEntityNotificationWebGetReturns the entity notification site.
SPBusinessDataCatalogEntityNotificationWebSetSets the entity notification site.
SPBusinessDataCatalogMetadataObjectGetReturns a Business Data Connectivity Metadata Store metadata object.
SPBusinessDataCatalogMetadataObjectGrantGrants a right to a principal for the specified Business Data Connectivity Metadata Store metadata object.
SPBusinessDataCatalogMetadataObjectRevokeRevokes a right to a principal in the specified Business Data Connectivity Metadata Store metadata object.
SPBusinessDataCatalogMetadataObjectSetSets the value of a property or attribute of a Business Data Connectivity Metadata Store metadata object.
SPBusinessDataCatalogModelExportExports a Business Data Connectivity Model.
SPBusinessDataCatalogModelImportImports a Business Data Connectivity Model.
SPBusinessDataCatalogModelRemoveDeletes a Business Data Connectivity Model.
SPBusinessDataCatalogServiceApplicationNewCreates a new Business Data Connectivity service application in the farm.
SPBusinessDataCatalogServiceApplicationSetSets global properties for a Business Data Connectivity service application in the farm.
SPBusinessDataCatalogServiceApplicationProxyNewCreates a new Business Data Connectivity service application proxy in the farm.
SPBusinessDataCatalogThrottleConfigGetReturns the throttling configuration for a Business Data Connectivity Service application.
SPBusinessDataCatalogThrottleConfigSetSets the throttling configuration for a Business Data Connectivity Service application.
SPCentralAdministrationNewCreates a new SharePoint Central Administration Web application.
SPCentralAdministrationRemoveRemove-SPCentralAdministration [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPCentralAdministrationSetSets the port for the SharePoint Central Administration Web site.
SPCertificateAuthorityGetReturns the SharePoint certificate authority (CA).
SPClaimProviderGetReturns a claim provider.
SPClaimProviderNewRegisters a new claim provider in the farm.
SPClaimProviderRemoveUnregisters a claim provider.
SPClaimProviderSetUpdates registration of a claims provider.
SPClaimProviderManagerGetReturns a claim provider manager.
SPClaimsPrincipalNewCreates a claims principal.
SPClaimTypeEncodingGetReturns a list of all the types of claims.
SPClaimTypeEncodingNewRegisters a new type of claim.
SPClaimTypeMappingAddAdds a claim mapping to a trusted security token service (STS) identity provider.
SPClaimTypeMappingNewCreates a claim mapping rule for a security token service (STS) identity provider.
SPClaimTypeMappingRemoveDeletes a claim type mapping rule for a security token service (STS) identity provider.
SPConfigurationDatabaseBackupPerforms a farm-level configuration-only backup.
SPConfigurationDatabaseConnectConnects the local server computer to a farm.
SPConfigurationDatabaseDisconnectDisconnects the local server computer from the farm.
SPConfigurationDatabaseNewCreates a new configuration database.
SPConfigurationDatabaseRemovePermanently removes a configuration database.
SPConnectedServiceApplicationInformationGetGet-SPConnectedServiceApplicationInformation [[-ServiceApplicationProxy] ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPContentDatabaseDismountDetaches a content database from its currently associated Web application.
SPContentDatabaseGetReturns one or more content databases.
SPContentDatabaseMountAttaches an existing content database to the farm.
SPContentDatabaseNewCreates a new content database and attaches it to the specified Web application.
SPContentDatabaseRemoveDeletes a content database.
SPContentDatabaseSetSets global properties of a SharePoint content database.
SPContentDatabaseTestTests a content database.
SPContentDatabaseUpgradeResumes a failed database upgrade or begins a build-to-build database upgrade.
SPContentDeploymentJobGetReturns a content deployment job or a collection of content deployment jobs.
SPContentDeploymentJobNewCreates a content deployment job.
SPContentDeploymentJobRemoveRemoves a content deployment job.
SPContentDeploymentJobSetSets properties of a content deployment job.
SPContentDeploymentJobStartStarts a content deployment job.
SPContentDeploymentPathGetReturns a content deployment path or a collection of content deployment paths.
SPContentDeploymentPathNewCreates a new content deployment path.
SPContentDeploymentPathRemoveRemoves a content deployment path.
SPContentDeploymentPathSetSets properties of a content deployment path.
SPCustomLayoutsPageGetReturns a mapping to a custom layout page.
SPCustomLayoutsPageSetMaps a new path for a custom layout page.
SPDatabaseGetRetrieves all properties of a database.
SPDatabaseMigrateMigrate-SPDatabase [-Identity] [-DestinationDatabase] [-SiteSubscription] [-ServiceType] [-Overwrite] [-UseLinkedSqlServer] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []

Migrate-SPDatabase [-Identity] [-SiteCollection] [-ServiceType] [-Overwrite] [-UseLinkedSqlServer] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPDataConnectionFileGetReturns a data connection file or a collection of data connection files.
SPDataConnectionFileInstallInstalls the provided data connection file.
SPDataConnectionFileSetSets properties of a data connection file.
SPDataConnectionFileUninstallRemoves a data connection file.
SPDataConnectionFileDependentGetReturns deployed forms on the server dependent on a universal data connection.
SPDefaultProfileConfigSetSet-SPDefaultProfileConfig -ProfileServiceApplicationProxy -MySitesPublicEnabled [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPDeletedSiteGetGets a list of deleted site collections.
SPDeletedSiteMoveMoves deleted site collections from one content database to another.
SPDeletedSiteRemoveRemoves a deleted site collection.
SPDeletedSiteRestoreRestores a deleted site collection.
SPDesignerSettingsGetDisplays SharePoint Designer 2013 features.
SPDesignerSettingsSetSets SharePoint Designer 2013 features.
SPDiagnosticConfigGetRetrieves ULS diagnostic configuration values of the farm.
SPDiagnosticConfigSetSets diagnostic configuration settings on the farm.
SPDiagnosticsPerformanceCounterAddAdds a new instance of a performance counter to a Web front end computer or a database server.
SPDiagnosticsPerformanceCounterGetReturns a collection of performance counters.
SPDiagnosticsPerformanceCounterRemoveRemoves an instance of a performance counter.
SPDiagnosticsProviderGetReturns a diagnostics provider.
SPDiagnosticsProviderSetEnables a diagnostics provider and updates its retention policy.
SPDiagnosticsSessionStartStarts a diagnostic session to report diagnostic information to the usage database.
SPDiagnosticsSessionStopStops a diagnostic session.
SPDistributedCacheClientSettingGetReturns distributed cache settings from usage.
SPDistributedCacheClientSettingSetSets distributed cache settings.
SPDistributedCacheItemClearClears cached items from the distributed cache server.
SPDistributedCacheServiceInstanceAddAdd-SPDistributedCacheServiceInstance [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPDistributedCacheServiceInstanceRemoveRemove-SPDistributedCacheServiceInstance [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPDistributedCacheServiceInstanceStopStops an instance of the distributed cache service on a local server.
SPDistributedCacheSizeUpdateUpdate-SPDistributedCacheSize [-CacheSizeInMB] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPEnterpriseSearchAdminComponentNewCreates a new admin component for the given topology and search service instance.
SPEnterpriseSearchAdministrationComponentGetGet-SPEnterpriseSearchAdministrationComponent -SearchApplication [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPEnterpriseSearchAdministrationComponentSetSet-SPEnterpriseSearchAdministrationComponent [[-Identity] ] [-SearchApplication ] [-StoragePath ] [-SearchServiceInstance ] [-Force] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPEnterpriseSearchAnalyticsProcessingComponentNewCreates a new analytics processing component for the given topology and search service instance.
SPEnterpriseSearchComponentGetRetrieves one or all search components in a given search topology..
SPEnterpriseSearchComponentRemoveRemoves the specified search component from the given search topology.
SPEnterpriseSearchContentEnrichmentConfigurationGetReturns the content enrichment configuration for the specified search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchContentEnrichmentConfigurationNewCreates a new ContentEnrichmentConfiguration object.
SPEnterpriseSearchContentEnrichmentConfigurationRemoveRemoves the current content enrichment configuration from the search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchContentEnrichmentConfigurationSetStores the specified content enrichment configuration to the search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchContentProcessingComponentNewCreates a new content processing component for the given topology and search service instance.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlComponentNewCreates a new crawl component for the given topology and search service instance.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlContentSourceGetReturns a crawl content source.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlContentSourceNewCreates a content source for a Search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlContentSourceRemoveDeletes a specified crawl content source from a search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlContentSourceSetSets the properties of a crawl content source for a Search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlCustomConnectorGetReturns a CustomConnector object type.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlCustomConnectorNewRegisters a protocol for custom crawling.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlCustomConnectorRemoveRemoves a CustomConnector object.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlDatabaseGetReturns a crawl store.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlDatabaseNewCreates a crawl database which can be added to a search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlDatabaseRemoveDeletes a crawl database.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlDatabaseSetSets properties of a crawl database for a Search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlExtensionGetReturns the file types to be included in the content index.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlExtensionNewAdds an extension rule to a Search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlExtensionRemoveRemoves a file name extension from the list of files that can be crawled.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlLogReadPermissionGetRetrieves the list of users with permission to access the crawl log information.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlLogReadPermissionRemoveRemoves permission to view crawl log information.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlLogReadPermissionSetGrants users permission to view the crawl log information.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlMappingGetReturns a crawl mapping for the search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlMappingNewCreates a crawl mapping rule for a shared search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlMappingRemoveDeletes a crawl mapping.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlRuleGetAccesses crawl rules.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlRuleNewCreates a new crawl rule.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlRuleRemoveDeletes a crawl rule.
SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlRuleSetSets properties for a crawl rule.
SPEnterpriseSearchCustomExtractionDictionaryImportImports a custom extraction dictionary.
SPEnterpriseSearchFileFormatGetRetrieves all parseable file formats.
SPEnterpriseSearchFileFormatNewAdds a new file format to the parsing system.
SPEnterpriseSearchFileFormatRemoveRemoves support for parsing a file format.
SPEnterpriseSearchFileFormatStateSetSets the activation state of a parser for a given file format.
SPEnterpriseSearchHostControllerGetLists the specified or all search host controllers in the farm.
SPEnterpriseSearchIndexComponentNewCreates a new index component for the given topology and search service instance.
SPEnterpriseSearchLanguageResourcePhraseGetReturns a language resource phrase.
SPEnterpriseSearchLanguageResourcePhraseNewAdds a language resource phrase to a shared search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchLanguageResourcePhraseRemoveDeletes a language resource phrase from a shared search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchLinguisticComponentsStatusGetReturns the status of the linguistic query and document processing components.
SPEnterpriseSearchLinguisticComponentsStatusSetSets the operation status of the linguistic query and document processing components.
SPEnterpriseSearchLinksDatabaseGetRetrieves a reference to a links database.
SPEnterpriseSearchLinksDatabaseNewCreates a new links database for a search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchLinksDatabaseRemoveDeletes a links database.
SPEnterpriseSearchLinksDatabaseSetSets properties of a links database for a search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchLinksDatabasesMoveMoves data across links databases.
SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataCategoryGetReturns a crawled property category.
SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataCategoryNewAdds a crawled property category to a search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataCategoryRemoveDeletes a crawled property category.
SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataCategorySetSets properties of a crawled property category.
SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataCrawledPropertyGetReturns a crawled property.
SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataCrawledPropertyNewAdds a crawled property.
SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataCrawledPropertySetSets the properties of a metadata crawled property.
SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataManagedPropertyGetReturns a managed property.
SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataManagedPropertyNewAdds a managed property to a shared search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataManagedPropertyRemoveDeletes a metadata managed property.
SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataManagedPropertySetSets the properties of a metadata managed property.
SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataMappingGetReturns the current status of a managed property mapping.
SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataMappingNewAdds a managed property mapping.
SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataMappingRemoveDeletes a metadata mapping from a managed property.
SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataMappingSetSets the properties of a managed property mapping for a search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchOwnerGetRetrieves the search object owner.
SPEnterpriseSearchPopularQueriesImportImports queries from a comma-separated list. The search box will suggest these queries as users type.
SPEnterpriseSearchPrimaryHostControllerSetSets the primary search host controller for the farm.
SPEnterpriseSearchPropertyRuleGetReturns a property rule instance, which can be used in result item types.
SPEnterpriseSearchPropertyRuleCollectionGetReturns the collection of rules that are applied to search results.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryAndSiteSettingsServiceGetReturns the search manager service.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryAndSiteSettingsServiceInstanceGetReturns the service manager service instance.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryAndSiteSettingsServiceInstanceStartStarts an instance of a search manager service.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryAndSiteSettingsServiceInstanceStopStops an instance of a search manager service.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryAndSiteSettingsServiceProxyGetReturns the search manager service proxy.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryAuthorityGetReturns an authoritative page.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryAuthorityNewAdds an authoritative page to a shared search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryAuthorityRemoveDeletes an authoritative page.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryAuthoritySetSets the properties of an authoritative page for a shared search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryDemotedGetReturns a demoted site rule.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryDemotedNewAdds a demoted site rule to a shared search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryDemotedRemoveDeletes a demoted site rule.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryKeywordGetReturns a keyword term.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryKeywordNewAdds a keyword term to a shared search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryKeywordRemoveDeletes a query keyword.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryKeywordSetSets the properties of a keyword term for a shared search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryProcessingComponentNewCreates a new query processing component for the given topology and search service instance.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryScopeGetReturns a query results scope.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryScopeNewAdds a query results scope to a shared search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryScopeRemoveDeletes a query scope.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryScopeSetSets the properties of a query results scope for a shared search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryScopeRuleGetReturns a shared scope rule.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryScopeRuleNewAdds a shared scope rule to a query scope.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryScopeRuleRemoveDeletes query results scope rules.
SPEnterpriseSearchQueryScopeRuleSetSets the properties of a shared scope rule for a query scope.
SPEnterpriseSearchQuerySpellingCorrectionGetReturns the object that exposes the Query Spelling Correction (QSC) configuration.
SPEnterpriseSearchQuerySpellingCorrectionSetSets the operation status of the Query Spelling Corrections (QSC) component.
SPEnterpriseSearchQuerySuggestionCandidatesGetReturns a list of queries.
SPEnterpriseSearchRankingModelGetReturns a ranking model.
SPEnterpriseSearchRankingModelNewAdds a ranking model to a shared search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchRankingModelRemoveDeletes a ranking model.
SPEnterpriseSearchRankingModelSetSets the properties of a ranking model for a shared search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchResultItemTypeGetRetrieves result item types.
SPEnterpriseSearchResultItemTypeNewCreates a new result item type.
SPEnterpriseSearchResultItemTypeRemoveRemoves a result item type for a search object owner.
SPEnterpriseSearchResultItemTypeSetSets properties of a result item type.
SPEnterpriseSearchResultSourceGetRetrieves a result source.
SPEnterpriseSearchResultSourceNewCreates a new result source.
SPEnterpriseSearchResultSourceRemoveDeletes a result source.
SPEnterpriseSearchResultSourceSetSets properties of a result source.
SPEnterpriseSearchSecurityTrimmerGetReturns a custom security trimmer.
SPEnterpriseSearchSecurityTrimmerNewAdds a custom security trimmer to a shared search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchSecurityTrimmerRemoveDeletes a custom security trimmer.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceGetReturns the search service for the farm.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceSetSets the properties of a search service for a farm.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationGetReturns the search service application for a farm.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationNewAdds a search service application to a farm.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationRemoveDeletes a search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationRestoreRestores third-party backup of a search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationResumeResumes a search service application that was suspended.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationSetSets the properties of a search service application for a farm.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationSuspendSuspends a search service application, pausing all crawls and search operations, to perform a task such as system maintenance.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationUpgradeUpgrades a search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationBackupStoreGetRetrieves information about the search service application backup files.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationIndexBackupTakes a backup of the search index to a specified backup location.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationIndexRestoreRestores the search index from the specified backup files.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationProxyGetReturns the search service application proxy.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationProxyNewAdds a new search application proxy to a farm.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationProxyRemoveDeletes a search service application proxy.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationProxySetSets properties of a search service application proxy.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationSiteSettingsRemoveCleans up search settings for a particular site collection, subscription, or search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationSiteSettingsUpgradeUpgrades search settings for a particular site collection.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstanceGetReturns the search service instance for a farm.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstanceSetSet-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstance [-Identity] [-DefaultIndexLocation ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstanceStartStarts an instance of a search service.
SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstanceStopStops an instance of a search service.
SPEnterpriseSearchSiteHitRuleGetReturns the shared site hit rule.
SPEnterpriseSearchSiteHitRuleNewAdds a new site hit rule for a search application.
SPEnterpriseSearchSiteHitRuleRemoveDeletes a site hit rule.
SPEnterpriseSearchStatusGetRetrieves diagnostics information for the search components.
SPEnterpriseSearchTenantConfigurationRemoveRemoves all tenant specific search settings.
SPEnterpriseSearchTenantSchemaRemoveRemoves a defined search schema.
SPEnterpriseSearchThesaurusImportDeploys the dictionary to the thesaurus component in the query processing flow.
SPEnterpriseSearchTopologyExportSaves an existing search topology.
SPEnterpriseSearchTopologyGetRetrieves one or all search topologies that belong to a given search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchTopologyImportImports and activates a topology from an XML file.
SPEnterpriseSearchTopologyNewCreates a new search topology in the given search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchTopologyRemoveRemoves an inactive search topology from a search service application.
SPEnterpriseSearchTopologySetActivates a given search topology.
SPEnterpriseSearchVssDataPathGetRetrieves the index paths for all active search index components on the current server.
SPFarmBackupCreates a backup of an individual database, Web application, or the entire farm.
SPFarmGetReturns the local SharePoint farm.
SPFarmRestoreRestores one or more items from a backup.
SPFarmUpgradeActivates the Upgrade method for the local farm.
SPFarmConfigGetReturns a global property or a collection of global properties for the local farm.
SPFarmConfigSetSets a global property or a collection of global properties for the local farm.
SPFarmEncryptionKeyUpdateChanges the value of the farm encryption key and, using the new key, re-encrypts all the data.
SPFeatureDisableDisables an installed SharePoint Feature at a given scope.
SPFeatureEnableEnables an installed SharePoint Feature at the given scope.
SPFeatureGetReturns the SharePoint Features based on a given scope.
SPFeatureInstallInstalls a SharePoint Feature by using the Feature.xml file.
SPFeatureUninstallUninstalls an installed feature definition.
SPHealthAnalysisRuleDisableDisables health analyzer rules.
SPHealthAnalysisRuleEnableEnables a health analyzer rule.
SPHealthAnalysisRuleGetGets a health analyzer rule.
SPHelpUpdateUpdate-SPHelp [-Force] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPHelpCollectionGetReturns Help collection files.
SPHelpCollectionInstallInstalls the provided Help site collection files in the current farm.
SPHelpCollectionUninstallRemoves Help collection files.
SPInfoPathAdminFileUrlUpdateUpdates InfoPath form templates (.xsn files) and universal data connections (.udcx files), including all .xsn files and .udcx files that were deployed by an administrator.
SPInfoPathAdministrationFilesExportSaves InfoPath 2013 form templates on the SharePoint Central Administration Web site and .udcx files to a .cab file.
SPInfoPathAdministrationFilesImportImports InfoPath 2013 form templates and .udcx files that are located on the SharePoint Central Administration Web site.
SPInfoPathFormsServiceGetReturns the InfoPath Forms Services in SharePoint Server 2013 settings that are in the farm.
SPInfoPathFormsServiceSetSets parameters for InfoPath Forms Services in SharePoint Server 2013.
SPInfoPathFormTemplateDisableDeactivates a InfoPath 2013 form template from the specified site collection.
SPInfoPathFormTemplateEnableActivates a InfoPath 2013 form template in the specified site collection.
SPInfoPathFormTemplateGetReturns a InfoPath 2013 form template.
SPInfoPathFormTemplateInstallInstalls an InfoPath 2013 form template on a farm.
SPInfoPathFormTemplateSetSets properties of a InfoPath 2013 form template.
SPInfoPathFormTemplateStartActivates a previously quiesced InfoPath 2013 form template.
SPInfoPathFormTemplateStopDisables a InfoPath 2013 form template on a farm before an upgrade.
SPInfoPathFormTemplateTestValidates that a InfoPath 2013 form template is browser-enabled.
SPInfoPathFormTemplateUninstallRemoves a InfoPath 2013 form template from a farm.
SPInfoPathFormTemplateUpdateUpgrades all InfoPath form templates on the farm.
SPInfoPathUserAgentAddAdds a user agent to a farm.
SPInfoPathUserAgentGetReturns a user agent or all the currently defined user agents for the farm.
SPInfoPathUserAgentRemoveRemoves a user agent.
SPInfoPathUserFileUrlUpdateUpdates InfoPath form templates (.xsn files) and universal data connections (.udcx files).
SPInfoPathWebServiceProxyGetReturns the Web proxy settings for the Web application.
SPInfoPathWebServiceProxySetSets parameters for an existing SharePoint Web service application.
SPInsightsConfigGetGet-SPInsightsConfig [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPInternalAppStateSyncLastRunTimeGetReturns the latest time the internal app state update job was invoked.
SPInternalAppStateUpdateIntervalGetReturns the interval in hours between updates of the internal app state update job.
SPInternalAppStateUpdateIntervalSetSets the interval in hours between updates of the internal app state update job.
SPIRMSettingsGetReturns the Information Rights Management (IRM) settings.
SPIRMSettingsSetSets the Information Rights Management (IRM) settings.
SPLogEventGetReturns results from a Unified Logging Service (ULS) trace log.
SPLogFileMergeCombines trace log entries from all farm computers into a single log file on the local computer.
SPLogFileNewCreates a new log file.
SPLogLevelClearResets the Windows trace logging and event logging levels to their default values.
SPLogLevelGetReturns a list of objects or diagnostic levels.
SPLogLevelSetSets the trace and event level for a set of categories.
SPManagedAccountGetRetrieves accounts registered in the configuration database.
SPManagedAccountNewRegisters a new managed account.
SPManagedAccountRemoveRemoves a managed account registration from the farm.
SPManagedAccountSetConfigures the managed account.
SPManagedAccountDeploymentRepairRepairs the local managed account credential deployment.
SPManagedPathGetReturns all managed paths that match the given criteria.
SPManagedPathNewCreates a new managed path for the given Web application for all host header site collections.
SPManagedPathRemoveDeletes the specified managed path from the specified host header or Web application.
SPMarketplaceWebServiceApplicationProxyNewCreates a service application proxy for the app identity data web service.
SPMetadataServiceApplicationGetReturns a managed metadata service application.
SPMetadataServiceApplicationNewCreates a new managed metadata service application.
SPMetadataServiceApplicationSetSets the properties of a managed metadata service application.
SPMetadataServiceApplicationProxyGetReturns an existing connection to a managed metadata service application, which is also known as a proxy, to the managed metadata service application.
SPMetadataServiceApplicationProxyNewCreates a new connection to a managed metadata service application.
SPMetadataServiceApplicationProxySetSets the properties of a connection to a managed metadata service application.
SPMetadataWebServicePartitionDataClearRemoves all data for a site subscription on a metadata Web service application.
SPMetadataWebServicePartitionDataExportExports the data from a metadata Web service for a site subscription.
SPMetadataWebServicePartitionDataImportRestores the data for a site subscription.
SPMicrofeedOptionsGetGet-SPMicrofeedOptions -ProfileServiceApplicationProxy [-SiteSubscription ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPMicrofeedOptionsSetSet-SPMicrofeedOptions -ProfileServiceApplicationProxy [-SiteSubscription ] [-MaxPostLength ] [-MaxMentions ] [-MaxTags ] [-AsyncRefs ] [-MaxCacheMs ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPMobileMessagingAccountGetRetrieves mobile messaging accounts for the specified Web application.
SPMobileMessagingAccountSetConfigures the specified mobile messaging account.
SPO365LinkSettingsGetGet-SPO365LinkSettings [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPO365LinkSettingsSetSet-SPO365LinkSettings -MySiteHostUrl [-Audiences ] [-RedirectSites ] [-HybridAppLauncherEnabled ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPO365LinkSettingsTestTest-SPO365LinkSettings -MySiteHostUrl [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPObjectSecurityGrantAdds a new security principal to an SPObjectSecurity object.
SPObjectSecurityRevokeRemoves a security principal from a SPObjectSecurity object.
SPODataConnectionSettingGetReturns Business Connectivity Services OData connection properties.
SPODataConnectionSettingNewCreates a new Business Data Connectivity service connection.
SPODataConnectionSettingRemoveRemoves a Business Connectivity Services connection.
SPODataConnectionSettingSetSets or updates global properties for a Microsoft Business Connectivity Services connection.
SPODataConnectionSettingMetadataGetReturns a Business Data Connectivity service metadata object.
SPODataConnectionSettingMetadataSetUpdates properties for the metadata of a Business Connectivity Services connection.
SPOfficeStoreAppsDefaultActivationGetReturns the properties of apps for Office.
SPOfficeStoreAppsDefaultActivationSetSets the properties of apps for Office.
SPOnlineApplicationPrincipalManagementServiceApplicationProxyNewNew-SPOnlineApplicationPrincipalManagementServiceApplicationProxy -Name -OnlineTenantUri [-DefaultProxyGroup] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPPassPhraseSetSets the pass phrase to a new value.
SPPendingUpgradeActionsGetDisplays pending upgrade actions.
SPPerformancePointContentExportExport-SPPerformancePointContent -ExportFileUrl -ItemUrls [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPPerformancePointContentImportImport-SPPerformancePointContent -ImportFileUrl -MasterPageUrl -SiteDestination -LocationMap -DatasourceMap [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPPerformancePointSecureDataValuesSetSets global settings for the unattended service account.
SPPerformancePointServiceApplicationGetReturns a PerformancePoint Service application object and properties.
SPPerformancePointServiceApplicationNewCreates a new service application for the PerformancePoint Service.
SPPerformancePointServiceApplicationRemoveDeletes a PerformancePoint Service application from a farm.
SPPerformancePointServiceApplicationSetSets global runtime properties for a PerformancePoint Services application.
SPPerformancePointServiceApplicationProxyNewCreates a proxy for a PerformancePoint Service application.
SPPerformancePointServiceApplicationProxyRemoveDeletes the proxy for a PerformancePoint Service application.
SPPerformancePointServiceApplicationTrustedLocationClearClears all the trusted locations for a PerformancePoint Service application identity.
SPPerformancePointServiceApplicationTrustedLocationGetReturns a trusted location object and properties for a PerformancePoint Service application.
SPPerformancePointServiceApplicationTrustedLocationNewCreates a new trusted location for a PerformancePoint Service application.
SPPerformancePointServiceApplicationTrustedLocationRemoveRemoves a single trusted location from a PerformancePoint Service application.
SPPluggableSecurityTrimmerAddAdds a pluggable security trimmer to a Profile service application proxy.
SPPluggableSecurityTrimmerGetGets pluggable security trimmers added to a profile service application proxy.
SPPluggableSecurityTrimmerRemoveRemoves a pluggable security trimmer from a profile service application proxy.
SPPowerPointConversionServiceApplicationNewCreates a PowerPoint Conversion Service application.
SPPowerPointConversionServiceApplicationSetConfigures settings for a PowerPoint Conversion Service application.
SPPowerPointConversionServiceApplicationProxyNewCreates a PowerPoint Conversion Service application proxy.
SPProcessAccountGetReturns a system account or a managed account.
SPProductGetReturns a list of the SharePoint-related products installed in the farm and the versions of all updates installed for each product.
SPProfileLeaderAddAdds a company leader.
SPProfileLeaderGetReturns the current company leaders.
SPProfileLeaderRemoveRemove a company leader.
SPProfileManagedMetadataPropertyMoveMoves multiple-string values into a term set.
SPProfilePhotoStoreUpdateUpdates the profile photo store to be compatible with SharePoint Server 2013.
SPProfileServiceApplicationNewAdds a User Profile Service application to a farm.
SPProfileServiceApplicationSetSets properties of a User Profile Service application.
SPProfileServiceApplicationUpgradeUpgrade-SPProfileServiceApplication [-Identity] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPProfileServiceApplicationProxyNewCreates a User Profile Service application proxy on the local farm.
SPProfileServiceApplicationProxySetSets properties of a proxy for a User Profile Service application.
SPProfileServiceApplicationSecurityGetReturns permission and identity information.
SPProfileServiceApplicationSecuritySetSets permission and identity information.
SPProfileSyncConnectionAddAdds a synchronization connection.
SPProfileSyncConnectionRemoveRemoves a synchronization connection.
SPProjectActiveDirectoryEnterpriseResourcePoolSyncDisableDisables Timer Job execution of the Active Directory Enterprise Resource Pool synchronization.
SPProjectActiveDirectoryEnterpriseResourcePoolSyncEnableEnables Timer Job execution of the Active Directory Enterprise Resource Pool synchronization.
SPProjectActiveDirectoryEnterpriseResourcePoolSyncInvokeTriggers Active Directory Enterprise Resource Pool synchronization on the specified instance of Project Web App.
SPProjectActiveDirectoryGroupSyncInvokeManually starts the synchronization job to synchronize Project Server 2013 group membership with the specified Active Directory groups.
SPProjectDatabaseMigrateMigrate-SPProjectDatabase -DatabaseName -SiteCollection [-DatabaseServer ] [-FailoverPartner ] [-SQLLogon ] [-Overwrite] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPProjectDatabaseQuotaGetMicrosoft internal use only.
SPProjectDatabaseQuotaSetMicrosoft internal use only.
SPProjectDatabaseUsageGetGet-SPProjectDatabaseUsage -Url [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPProjectEmailNotificationDisableDisable-SPProjectEmailNotification [-Url] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPProjectEmailNotificationEnableEnable-SPProjectEmailNotification [-Url] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPProjectEnterpriseProjectTaskSyncDisableDisable-SPProjectEnterpriseProjectTaskSync -Url [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPProjectEnterpriseProjectTaskSyncEnableEnable-SPProjectEnterpriseProjectTaskSync -Url [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPProjectEnterpriseProjectTaskSyncGetGet-SPProjectEnterpriseProjectTaskSync -Url [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPProjectEventServiceSettingsGetGet-SPProjectEventServiceSettings [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPProjectEventServiceSettingsResetReset-SPProjectEventServiceSettings [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPProjectEventServiceSettingsSetSet-SPProjectEventServiceSettings [-NetTcpPort ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPProjectIsEmailNotificationEnabledGetGet-SPProjectIsEmailNotificationEnabled [-Url] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPProjectOdataConfigurationGetReturns the settings for how the OData service is configured for an instance of Project Web App.
SPProjectOdataConfigurationSetSets the properties for how the OData service is configured for an instance of Project Web App.
SPProjectPCSSettingsGetGets the settings for the Project Calculation Engine on the Project Server 2013.
SPProjectPCSSettingsResetResets the settings for the Project Calculation Engine on Project Server 2013.
SPProjectPCSSettingsSetSets the settings for the Project Calculation Engine on Project Server 2013.
SPProjectPermissionModeGetReturns the permission mode for a Project Web App (PWA) instance.
SPProjectPermissionModeSetChanges the permission mode for a Project Web App instance. Running this cmdlet deletes all security settings and reverts to the default settings for the specified mode.
SPProjectPermissionsSyncManually synchronizes permissions between a Project Web App instance and its associated project sites.
SPProjectQueueSettingsGetReturns a list of all Project Server 2013 Queue settings and their current values for the specified Project Server Service Application.
SPProjectQueueSettingsResetResets all Project Server Queue settings to their default values for a specific Project Server Service Application.
SPProjectQueueSettingsSetSets the value of one or multiple Project Server 2013 Queue settings for a specific Project Server service application.
SPProjectQueueStatsMonitoringDisableDisable-SPProjectQueueStatsMonitoring [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPProjectQueueStatsMonitoringEnableEnable-SPProjectQueueStatsMonitoring [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPProjectResourcePlansMigrateMigrate-SPProjectResourcePlans [-Url] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPProjectServiceApplicationNewCreates a new Project Server Service application.
SPProjectServiceApplicationSetSets the properties of a Project Server Service application.
SPProjectServiceApplicationTestTest-SPProjectServiceApplication [-Identity] [[-Rule] ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPProjectServiceApplicationProxyNewCreates a proxy for a Project Server Service application.
SPProjectUserSyncSetControls the behavior of WSS user sync.
SPProjectUserSyncDisabledSyncThresholdSetDefines the threshold over which a user sync job will not be executed but instead will be deleted. This threshold is the product of the number of projects multiplied by the number of users.
SPProjectUserSyncFullSyncThresholdSetDefines the threshold over which a delta user sync job will be executed as a complete user sync. This threshold is the product of the number of projects multiplied by the number of users.
SPProjectUserSyncOffPeakSyncThresholdSetDefines the threshold over which a full user sync job will be executed during off peak hours instead of immediately. This threshold is the product of the number of projects multiplied by the number of users.
SPProjectWebInstanceGetReturns an instance of a Project Web App site.
SPProjectWebInstancePauseSwitches the specified instance of Project Web App to read-only, preventing any changes from being made through the Project Server 2013 PSI or CSOM.
SPProjectWebInstanceRepairRe-queues specific Project Server 2013 queue items that may have fallen out of the queue.
SPProjectWebInstanceResumeSwitches the specified instance of Project Web App to read-write mode, allowing users to change data again.
SPProjectWebInstanceTestRuns a suite of tests on an existing Project Web Instance.
SPProjectWebInstanceDataRemoveRemove-SPProjectWebInstanceData -SiteCollection [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPRepopulateMicroblogFeedCacheUpdateRefreshes the cache.
SPRepopulateMicroblogLMTCacheUpdateRefreshes the cache.
SPRequestManagementRuleCriteriaNewCreates criteria for the rule to match.
SPRequestManagementSettingsGetReturns a Request Manager object.
SPRequestManagementSettingsSetSets Request Manager properties.
SPResourceSecurityInitializeEnforces resource security on the local server.
SPRoutingMachineInfoAddAdds a new routing target to the farm.
SPRoutingMachineInfoGetReturns all the routing targets.
SPRoutingMachineInfoRemoveRemoves an external routing target.
SPRoutingMachineInfoSetSets routing target properties.
SPRoutingMachinePoolAddAdds a new machine pool.
SPRoutingMachinePoolGetReturns all available routing pools.
SPRoutingMachinePoolRemoveRemoves a routing pool from Request Manager.
SPRoutingMachinePoolSetSets properties of a machine pool.
SPRoutingRuleAddAdds a routing rule.
SPRoutingRuleGetReturns all routing rules.
SPRoutingRuleRemoveRemoves a routing rule.
SPRoutingRuleSetChanges properties of an existing routing rule.
SPScaleOutDatabaseAddAdds an existing scale-out database to the specified service application.
SPScaleOutDatabaseGetReturns all scale-out database objects.
SPScaleOutDatabaseRemoveRemoves a specific scale-out database.
SPScaleOutDatabaseSplitMoves a specified percentage of partitions from one scale-out database to another.
SPScaleOutDatabaseDataRangeSetExtends the range of a specified scale-out database.
SPScaleOutDatabaseDataStateGetReturns the state information about the specified scale-out database.
SPScaleOutDatabaseDataSubRangeSetCreates a subrange for a specified scale-out database.
SPScaleOutDatabaseDeletedDataSubRangeClearClears all partitions inside the specified deleted subrange.
SPScaleOutDatabaseInconsistencyGetDisplays all inconsistencies related to scale-out databases' ranges.
SPScaleOutDatabaseLogClearClears all scale-out logs.
SPScaleOutDatabaseLogEntryGetQueries a scale-out database for scale-out logs.
SPScaleOutDatabaseTenantDataClearRemoves all data related to the specified site subscription.
SPScaleOutDatabaseTenantDataExportExports the data of the specified subscription.
SPScaleOutDatabaseTenantDataImportImports data from the specified subscription id.
SPSecureStoreApplicationGetReturns a Secure Store application.
SPSecureStoreApplicationNewCreates a new Secure Store application.
SPSecureStoreApplicationRemoveDeletes a Secure Store application.
SPSecureStoreApplicationSetSets properties of a Secure Store application.
SPSecureStoreApplicationFieldNewCreates a new Secure Store application fields object.
SPSecureStoreApplicationServerKeyUpdateSynchronizes the key on a Microsoft SharePoint server with the Secure Store master key.
SPSecureStoreCredentialMappingClearDeletes a credential mapping from a Secure Store Service application.
SPSecureStoreCredentialMappingUpdateSets a new credential mapping for a Secure Store Service application.
SPSecureStoreDefaultProviderClearClears the secure store provider.
SPSecureStoreDefaultProviderSetUpdates the secure store provider.
SPSecureStoreGroupCredentialMappingUpdateSets a new group credential mapping for a Secure Store Service application.
SPSecureStoreMasterKeyUpdateChanges the master key of a Secure Store Service application.
SPSecureStoreServiceApplicationNewCreates a new Secure Store Service application in the farm.
SPSecureStoreServiceApplicationSetSets properties of a Secure Store Service application in the farm.
SPSecureStoreServiceApplicationProxyNewCreates a new Secure Store Service application proxy in the farm.
SPSecureStoreSystemAccountAddAdds an account to a designated list.
SPSecureStoreSystemAccountGetReturns a list of users from a designated list.
SPSecureStoreSystemAccountRemoveRemoves a user account from a designated list.
SPSecureStoreTargetApplicationNewCreates a new Secure Store target application.
SPSecurityTokenServiceConfigGetReturns the security token service (STS) for the farm.
SPSecurityTokenServiceConfigSetUpdates the settings of the SharePoint security token service (STS) identity provider.
SPServerGetReturns the server or servers in the farm that match the given identity.
SPServerRenameRenames a server that is currently connected to the farm.
SPServerSetSet-SPServer [-Identity] [-Status ] [-Role ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPServerScaleOutDatabaseAddAdd-SPServerScaleOutDatabase -ServiceApplication -DatabaseName [-DatabaseServer ] [-DatabaseFailoverServer ] [-DatabaseCredentials ] [-DeferUpgradeActions] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPServerScaleOutDatabaseGetGet-SPServerScaleOutDatabase -ServiceApplication [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPServerScaleOutDatabaseRemoveRemove-SPServerScaleOutDatabase -ServiceApplication -Database [-DeleteData] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPServerScaleOutDatabaseSplitSplit-SPServerScaleOutDatabase -NewDatabaseName -SourceDatabase -SourceServiceApplication [-NewDatabaseServer ] [-NewDatabaseFailoverServer ] [-NewDatabaseCredentials ] [-SourcePercentage ] [-MoveLowerHalf] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []

Split-SPServerScaleOutDatabase -TargetDatabase -SourceDatabase -SourceServiceApplication [-SourcePercentage ] [-MoveLowerHalf] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPServerScaleOutDatabaseDataRangeSetSet-SPServerScaleOutDatabaseDataRange -Database -Range -IsUpperSubRange [-NewRangePoint ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPServerScaleOutDatabaseDataStateGetGet-SPServerScaleOutDatabaseDataState -Database [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []

Get-SPServerScaleOutDatabaseDataState -ConnectionString [-IsAzureDatabase] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPServerScaleOutDatabaseDataSubRangeSetSet-SPServerScaleOutDatabaseDataSubRange -Database -Range -SubRangeMode -IsUpperSubRange [-SubRangePoint ] [-IgnoreSubRangePointOnBoundary] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []

Set-SPServerScaleOutDatabaseDataSubRange -ConnectionString -Range -SubRangeMode -IsUpperSubRange [-IsAzureDatabase] [-SubRangePoint ] [-IgnoreSubRangePointOnBoundary] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPServerScaleOutDatabaseDeletedDataSubRangeClearClear-SPServerScaleOutDatabaseDeletedDataSubRange -Database -Range -IsUpperSubRange [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPServerScaleOutDatabaseInconsistencyGetGet-SPServerScaleOutDatabaseInconsistency -ServiceApplication [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPServerScaleOutDatabaseLogClearClear-SPServerScaleOutDatabaseLog -Database [-LogEntryTimeout ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPServerScaleOutDatabaseLogEntryGetGet-SPServerScaleOutDatabaseLogEntry -Database -Count [-MajorAction ] [-CorrelationId ] [-RangeLimitPoint ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPServerScaleOutDatabaseTenantDataClearClear-SPServerScaleOutDatabaseTenantData -ServiceApplication -SiteSubscriptionId [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPServerScaleOutDatabaseTenantDataExportExport-SPServerScaleOutDatabaseTenantData -FilePath -ServiceApplication -SiteSubscriptionId [-Force] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPServerScaleOutDatabaseTenantDataImportImport-SPServerScaleOutDatabaseTenantData -FilePath -ServiceApplication -SiteSubscriptionId [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPServiceGetGet-SPService [[-Identity] ] [-All] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPServiceInstallInstalls and provisions services on a farm.
SPServiceStartStart-SPService [-Identity] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPServiceStopStop-SPService [-Identity] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPServiceApplicationGetReturns the specified service application.
SPServiceApplicationPublishShares the specified local service application outside the farm.
SPServiceApplicationRemoveDeletes the specified service application on the local server.
SPServiceApplicationSetSets properties of a service application.
SPServiceApplicationUnpublishStops sharing the specified service application outside the farm.
SPServiceApplicationConnectionInfoReceiveConfigures this farm to receive service information from another farm.
SPServiceApplicationEndpointGetReturns the endpoint of a service application.
SPServiceApplicationEndpointSetSets the host of an endpoint for a service application.
SPServiceApplicationPoolGetReturns the specified Internet Information Services (IIS) application pool.
SPServiceApplicationPoolNewCreates a new Web service application pool.
SPServiceApplicationPoolRemoveCompletely deletes the specified Web service application pool.
SPServiceApplicationPoolSetChanges the account used for the Identity of the specified application pool.
SPServiceApplicationProxyGetReturns an instance of the specified service application proxy.
SPServiceApplicationProxyRemoveDeletes the specified service application proxy.
SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupGetReturns the proxy group for the specified service application.
SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupNewCreates a new service application proxy group.
SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupRemoveCompletely deletes the specified service application proxy group.
SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupMemberAddAdds a member to the service application proxy group.
SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupMemberRemoveRemoves one or more proxies from the specified service application proxy group.
SPServiceApplicationSecurityGetReturns the SPObjectSecurity object for a service application.
SPServiceApplicationSecuritySetUpdates the SPObjectSecurity object for a service application.
SPServiceContextGetReturns a service context.
SPServiceHostConfigGetReturns the common Web service settings.
SPServiceHostConfigSetConfigures one or more common settings for all Web services.
SPServiceInstanceGetReturns the services instance for a specific server or the entire farm.
SPServiceInstanceStartStarts the service instance for a service on a specific server or the farm.
SPServiceInstanceStopStops the service instance for a service.
SPSessionStateServiceDisableTurns off the session state service on the farm.
SPSessionStateServiceEnableCreates a session state database and turns on the session state service.
SPSessionStateServiceGetReturns the properties of the session state service, including time-out and database settings.
SPSessionStateServiceSetUpdates the credentials that are used to communicate with the state service database.
SPShellAdminAddAdds a user to the SharePoint_Shell_Access role for the specified database.
SPShellAdminGetReturns the names of all users who have the SharePoint_Shell_Access role.
SPShellAdminRemoveRemoves a user from the SharePoint_Shell_Access role.
SPSideBySideFilesCopyCopy-SPSideBySideFiles [-LogFile ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPSingleSignOnDisableDisables the single sign-on (SSO) Service on a farm server.
SPSingleSignOnDatabaseUpgradeMigrates the application definitions from Single Sign-On (SSO) database to Secure Store database as target applications.
SPSiteBackupPerforms a backup of a site collection.
SPSiteCopyMakes a copy of a site collection.
SPSiteGetReturns all site collections that match the specified criteria.
SPSiteMoveMoves site collections from one content database to another.
SPSiteNewCreates a new site collection at the specified URL.
SPSiteRemoveCompletely deletes an existing site collection and all subsites.
SPSiteRepairActivates the RunRepairs method against the referenced SPSite object.
SPSiteRestoreRestores a site collection.
SPSiteSetConfigures the specified sites.
SPSiteTestActivates the RunTests method against a referenced SPSite object.
SPSiteUpgradeStarts the upgrade process on a site collection.
SPSiteAdministrationGetReturns a site administration object that allows farm administrators to view certain information about site collections to which they might not have access.
SPSiteAdministrationSetAllows farm administrators to configure any site collection.
SPSiteMapDatabaseDismountDismount-SPSiteMapDatabase [-DatabaseId] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPSiteMapDatabaseGetGet-SPSiteMapDatabase [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPSiteMapDatabaseMountMount-SPSiteMapDatabase [-DatabaseName] -DatabaseServer [-DatabaseCredentials ] [-DatabaseFailoverServer ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPSiteMapDatabaseUpgradeUpgrade-SPSiteMapDatabase [-DatabaseId] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPSiteMasterGetGet-SPSiteMaster [-ContentDatabase] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPSiteMasterNewNew-SPSiteMaster [-ContentDatabase] -Template [-Language ] [-CompatibilityLevel ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPSiteMasterRemoveRemove-SPSiteMaster [-ContentDatabase] [-SiteId] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPSitesResetReset-SPSites [-Identity] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPSiteSubscriptionGetReturns the site subscription for the given URL or all site subscriptions in the local farm.
SPSiteSubscriptionNewCreates a new site subscription.
SPSiteSubscriptionRemoveRemoves data stored in a subscription settings service application for a set of site subscriptions.
SPSiteSubscriptionBusinessDataCatalogConfigClearDeletes all data from the Business Data Connectivity Metadata Store for a specified partition.
SPSiteSubscriptionBusinessDataCatalogConfigExportExports all data from the Business Data Connectivity Metadata Store associated with a partition.
SPSiteSubscriptionBusinessDataCatalogConfigImportImports data associated with an exported file that contains all data associated with the Business Data Connectivity Metadata Store for a given partition.
SPSiteSubscriptionBusinessDataCatalogConfigRemoveRemoves the Business Data Connectivity Metadata Store for a partition.
SPSiteSubscriptionConfigGetReturns the configuration properties of a site subscription.
SPSiteSubscriptionConfigSetSets the configuration properties of a site subscription.
SPSiteSubscriptionEdiscoveryHubGetDisplays the eDiscovery hub for a site subscription.
SPSiteSubscriptionEdiscoveryHubSetSets properties for the eDiscovery hub of a site subscription.
SPSiteSubscriptionEdiscoverySearchScopeGetDisplays the search scope for the eDiscovery hub of the specified site collection.
SPSiteSubscriptionFeaturePackGetRetrieves available SharePoint Feature sets or the Feature set assigned to a given site subscription.
SPSiteSubscriptionFeaturePackNewCreates a new SharePoint Feature set that can be used to limit the features available to a site subscription.
SPSiteSubscriptionFeaturePackRemoveRemoves a SharePoint Feature set from a site subscription.
SPSiteSubscriptionFeaturePackMemberAddAdds a feature to a SharePoint Feature set.
SPSiteSubscriptionFeaturePackMemberRemoveRemoves a feature definition from the provided SharePoint Feature set.
SPSiteSubscriptionIRMConfigGetGets the Information Rights Management (IRM) settings.
SPSiteSubscriptionIRMConfigSetSets the Information Rights Management (IRM) settings.
SPSiteSubscriptionMetadataConfigGetReturns the site subscription configuration settings for a Metadata Service application.
SPSiteSubscriptionMetadataConfigRemoveRemoves site subscription configuration settings.
SPSiteSubscriptionMetadataConfigSetSets the site subscription configuration settings for a specified Metadata Service application.
SPSiteSubscriptionProfileConfigAddAdds a new site subscription to a User Profile Service application.
SPSiteSubscriptionProfileConfigRemoveDeletes a site subscription from a User Profile Service application.
SPSiteSubscriptionProfileConfigSetSets the parameters of a site subscription.
SPSiteSubscriptionSettingsExportCreates a backup file of site subscription data.
SPSiteSubscriptionSettingsImportRestores a backup of subscription site settings to the given subscription identifier.
SPSiteSubscriptionSettingsRemoveRemoves the settings service data for a specified site subscription, or finds and removes orphaned data.
SPSiteUpgradeSessionInfoGetManage or report site upgrade.
SPSiteUpgradeSessionInfoRemoveRemoves an SPSite object from upgrade.
SPSiteUrlGetDisplays all URL mappings for the site.
SPSiteUrlRemoveRemoves an URL mapping from the site.
SPSiteUrlSetAdds or changes an URL mapping for the site.
SPSocialCommentMoveMove-SPSocialComment -ProfileServiceApplicationProxy [-SiteSubscription ] [-OldUrl ] [-NewUrl ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPSocialItemByDateRemoveDeletes tags, notes, or ratings.
SPSolutionAddUploads a SharePoint solution package to the farm.
SPSolutionGetReturns a specified SharePoint solution.
SPSolutionInstallDeploys an installed SharePoint solution in the farm.
SPSolutionRemoveRemoves a SharePoint solution from a farm.
SPSolutionUninstallRetracts a deployed SharePoint solution.
SPSolutionUpdateUpgrades a deployed SharePoint solution.
SPSolutionDeploymentLockRemoveRemoves the solution deployment lock for a server.
SPStateServiceApplicationGetReturns state service applications on the farm.
SPStateServiceApplicationNewCreates a new state service application.
SPStateServiceApplicationSetUpdates the name of a state service application.
SPStateServiceApplicationProxyGetReturns state service application proxies on the farm.
SPStateServiceApplicationProxyNewCreates a proxy for a state service application.
SPStateServiceApplicationProxySetUpdates the name of a state service application proxy.
SPStateServiceDatabaseDismountRemoves the association to a state service database from the farm without dropping the database in the Microsoft SQL Server database.
SPStateServiceDatabaseGetReturns a state service database.
SPStateServiceDatabaseInitializeInstalls the state database schema into a state service database.
SPStateServiceDatabaseMountAttaches an existing state service database to the farm.
SPStateServiceDatabaseNewCreates and provisions a new state service database, and installs the state database schema into it.
SPStateServiceDatabaseRemoveRemoves a state service database from a state service application and drops it from the SQL Server.
SPStateServiceDatabaseResumeResumes a paused state service database so that new rows of data are received.
SPStateServiceDatabaseSetUpdates properties of a state service database.
SPStateServiceDatabaseSuspendPauses a state database and thus prevents new rows of data from being added to a database.
SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplicationNewCreates a new subscription settings service application.
SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplicationSetSets properties of a subscription settings service application.
SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplicationProxyNewCreates an application proxy to a subscription settings service application.
SPTagsAndNotesDataExportExports the SharePoint Newsfeed tags and notes from the SharePoint database to a ZIP file.
SPTaxonomySessionGetReturns a TaxonomySession object.
SPThrottlingRuleAddAdds a new throttling rule.
SPThrottlingRuleGetReturns all throttling rules.
SPThrottlingRuleRemoveRemoves a throttling rule.
SPThrottlingRuleSetChanges properties of an existing throttling rule.
SPTimerJobDisableDisables a timer job.
SPTimerJobEnableEnables a timer job.
SPTimerJobGetReturns timer jobs.
SPTimerJobSetSets the schedule for running a timer job.
SPTimerJobStartRuns a timer job once.
SPTopologyServiceApplicationGetDisplays properties of the topology service application for the current farm.
SPTopologyServiceApplicationSetSets the properties on the topology service application of the local farm.
SPTopologyServiceApplicationProxyGetRetrieves the topology service application proxy.
SPTopologyServiceApplicationProxySetSets the proxy properties of the topology service application.
SPTranslationServiceApplicationNewProvisions a new instance of the Machine Translation service.
SPTranslationServiceApplicationSetSets property settings on a Machine Translation service application.
SPTranslationServiceApplicationProxyNewCreates a Machine Translation Service application proxy on the local farm.
SPTranslationServiceApplicationProxySetSets properties to the Machine Translation service application proxy.
SPTranslationServiceJobHistoryRemoveRemoves Machine Translation service jobs.
SPTranslationThrottlingSettingGetGet-SPTranslationThrottlingSetting [-Farm ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPTranslationThrottlingSettingSetSet-SPTranslationThrottlingSetting [-SiteQuota ] [-TenantQuota ] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuerGetReturns an identity provider.
SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuerNewCreates an identity provider in the farm.
SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuerRemoveDeletes a Security Token Service (STS) identity provider from the farm.
SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuerSetSets the identity providers of a Web application.
SPTrustedRootAuthorityGetReturns a trusted root authority.
SPTrustedRootAuthorityNewCreates a trusted root authority.
SPTrustedRootAuthorityRemoveDeletes a trusted root authority.
SPTrustedRootAuthoritySetCreates a new trusted root authority.
SPTrustedSecurityTokenIssuerGetReturns the trusted security token issuer object.
SPTrustedSecurityTokenIssuerNewCreates a trust between a server to server principal.
SPTrustedSecurityTokenIssuerRemoveRemoves the trusted security token service object.
SPTrustedSecurityTokenIssuerSetSets the trusted token issuer.
SPTrustedServiceTokenIssuerGetReturns the object that represents the farm trust.
SPTrustedServiceTokenIssuerNewCreates a trust with a SharePoint farm.
SPTrustedServiceTokenIssuerRemoveDeletes the object that represents the farm trust.
SPTrustedServiceTokenIssuerSetUpdates a trust with the farm.
SPUpgradeActionsGetReturns all upgrade actions.
SPUpgradeEvaluationSiteRequestRequests an upgrade evaluation site for a specified site.
SPUsageApplicationGetReturns a specified usage application.
SPUsageApplicationNewCreates a new usage application.
SPUsageApplicationRemoveRemoves a usage application from the local farm.
SPUsageApplicationSetSets properties of a usage application.
SPUsageDefinitionGetReturns a usage definition object.
SPUsageDefinitionSetSets the retention period for a usage provider.
SPUsageLogFileNewStarts a new usage log file on the current server computer.
SPUsageServiceGetReturns a usage service.
SPUsageServiceSetUpdates the properties of a usage service.
SPUserGetReturns the user account or accounts that match a given search criteria.
SPUserMoveMigrates a user account in SharePoint 2010 Products.
SPUserNewAdds an existing user to a SharePoint site with the designated permissions.
SPUserRemoveRemoves a user from a Web site.
SPUserSetConfigures properties of an existing user.
SPUserLicenseGetReturns the list of supported SharePoint user licenses.
SPUserLicenseMappingAddMaps a security group, forms-based role, or claim to a SharePoint user license.
SPUserLicenseMappingGetReturns the claim-to-user license mappings.
SPUserLicenseMappingNewCreates a license mapping object.
SPUserLicenseMappingRemoveRemoves a claim-to-SharePoint user license mapping.
SPUserLicensingDisableDisables user license enforcement.
SPUserLicensingEnableEnables user-license enforcement.
SPUserLicensingGetReturns the state of user-license enforcement.
SPUserSettingsProviderGetReturns a list of User Settings Providers installed on the farm.
SPUserSettingsProviderNewAdds a new User Settings Provider.
SPUserSettingsProviderRemoveRemoves a User Settings Provider.
SPUserSettingsProviderManagerGetReturns the User Settings Provider Manager.
SPUserSolutionAddUploads a new sandboxed solution to the solution gallery.
SPUserSolutionGetReturns a specified sandboxed solution.
SPUserSolutionInstallActivates a sandboxed solution in a site collection.
SPUserSolutionRemoveRemoves a sandboxed solution from the solution gallery.
SPUserSolutionUninstallDeactivates a sandboxed solution in a site collection.
SPUserSolutionUpdateUpgrades an activated sandboxed solution in a farm.
SPVisioExternalDataGetReturns the settings for external data connections for a Visio Services application.
SPVisioExternalDataSetConfigures settings related to external data connections for a Visio Services application.
SPVisioPerformanceGetReturns the Visio Services settings for the performance of a Visio Services application.
SPVisioPerformanceSetSets performance properties for a Visio Services application.
SPVisioSafeDataProviderGetReturns the settings of a safe data provider for a Visio Services application.
SPVisioSafeDataProviderNewAdds a new data provider to a Visio Services application.
SPVisioSafeDataProviderRemoveRemoves a data provider from a Visio Services application.
SPVisioSafeDataProviderSetSpecifies a description of a safe data provider for a Visio Services application.
SPVisioServiceApplicationGetReturns properties of a Visio Services application or a collection of Visio Services applications.
SPVisioServiceApplicationNewAdds a new Visio Services application to a farm.
SPVisioServiceApplicationSetSets the ServiceApplicationPool property for a Visio Services application.
SPVisioServiceApplicationProxyGetReturns properties of a Visio Services application proxy or a collection of Visio Services application proxies.
SPVisioServiceApplicationProxyNewAdds a new Visio Services application proxy to a farm.
SPWebExportExports a site, list, or library.
SPWebGetReturns all subsites that match the given criteria.
SPWebImportImports a web, list, or library.
SPWebNewCreates a new site in an existing site collection.
SPWebRemoveCompletely deletes the specified Web.
SPWebSetConfigures the specified subsite.
SPWebApplicationConvertConverts the authentication mode of a web application.
SPWebApplicationGetReturns all Web applications that match the given criteria.
SPWebApplicationNewCreates a new Web application within the local farm.
SPWebApplicationRemoveDeletes the specified Web application.
SPWebApplicationSetConfigures the specified Web application.
SPWebApplicationAppDomainGetGet-SPWebApplicationAppDomain [[-Identity] ] [-Zone ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []

Get-SPWebApplicationAppDomain [[-Identity] ] -WebApplication [-Zone ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []

Get-SPWebApplicationAppDomain [[-Identity] ] -AppDomain [-Zone ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPWebApplicationAppDomainNewNew-SPWebApplicationAppDomain [-AppDomain] -WebApplication [-Zone ] [-Port ] [-SecureSocketsLayer] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPWebApplicationAppDomainRemoveRemove-SPWebApplicationAppDomain [-Identity] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPWebApplicationExtensionNewCreates a new zone instance for the Web application.
SPWebApplicationHttpThrottlingDisableTurns off network throttling for a Web application.
SPWebApplicationHttpThrottlingEnableTurns on network throttling for a Web application.
SPWebApplicationHttpThrottlingMonitorGetReturns all counters and their associated Health Score bucket values for network throttling on a Web application.
SPWebApplicationHttpThrottlingMonitorSetSets the Health Score bucket values for an existing network throttling performance counter for a specified Web application.
SPWebPartPackGetReturns the Web Part packages that were installed for the specified scope.
SPWebPartPackInstallInstalls the specified Web Part package to the specified location.
SPWebPartPackUninstallUninstalls the specified Web Part package.
SPWebTemplateGetDisplays all globally installed site templates that match the given identity.
SPWebTemplateForSiteMasterDisableDisable-SPWebTemplateForSiteMaster -Template [-CompatibilityLevel ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPWebTemplateForSiteMasterEnableEnable-SPWebTemplateForSiteMaster -Template [-CompatibilityLevel ] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPWebTemplatesEnabledForSiteMasterGetGet-SPWebTemplatesEnabledForSiteMaster [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPWOPIBindingGetReturns a list of bindings that were created by using New-SPWOPIBinding on the current SharePoint farm where this cmdlet is run.
SPWOPIBindingNewCreates a new binding to associate file name extensions or applications with actions on the current SharePoint farm where this cmdlet is run.
SPWOPIBindingRemoveRemoves bindings for applications, file name extensions, and their associated actions on the current SharePoint farm where this cmdlet is run.
SPWOPIBindingSetUpdates the default click action for an application or file name extension binding.
SPWOPIProofKeyUpdateUpdates the public key that is used to connect to the WOPI application on the current SharePoint farm where this cmdlet is run.
SPWOPISuppressionSettingGetReturns the suppression settings on the current SharePoint farm where this cmdlet is run.
SPWOPISuppressionSettingNewThe New-SPWOPISuppressionSetting cmdlet turns off Office Web Apps for the action, file name extension, or programmatic identifier that you've specified on the current SharePoint farm.
SPWOPISuppressionSettingRemoveRemoves the suppression settings for a file name extension or programmatic ID and action on the current SharePoint farm where this cmdlet is run.
SPWOPIZoneGetReturns the zone that is configured on the current SharePoint farm for the WOPI application to use.
SPWOPIZoneSetConfigures the zone that the current SharePoint farm will use to navigate the browser to the WOPI application.
SPWordConversionServiceApplicationNewCreates a new instance of a Word Automation Services application on the farm.
SPWordConversionServiceApplicationSetSets properties of a Word Automation Services application.
SPWordConversionServiceJobHistoryRemoveRemoves entries from the Word Automation Services job history database.
SPWorkflowConfigGetReturns workflow settings for the specified Web application.
SPWorkflowConfigSetConfigures the workflow settings for the specified Web application.
SPWorkflowServiceRegisterRegister-SPWorkflowService -SPSite -WorkflowHostUri [-ScopeName ] [-PartitionMode] [-AllowOAuthHttp] [-Force] [-AssignmentCollection ] []
SPWorkflowServiceApplicationProxyGetGet-SPWorkflowServiceApplicationProxy [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPWorkflowServiceApplicationProxyNewNew-SPWorkflowServiceApplicationProxy [-PartitionMode] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] []
SPWorkManagementServiceApplicationNewCreates a new Work Management Service application.
SPWorkManagementServiceApplicationSetSets settings for the Work Management Service application.
SPWorkManagementServiceApplicationProxyNewCreates a new service application proxy group.
SPWorkManagementServiceApplicationProxySetSets the settings for the Work Management Service application proxy.
StrictModeSetEstablishes and enforces coding rules in expressions, scripts, and script blocks.
StringConvertFromCFSExtracts and parses structured objects from string content.
StringOutSends objects to the host as a series of strings.
StringSelectslsFinds text in strings and files.
StringDataConvertFromConverts a string containing one or more key and value pairs to a hash table.
TableFormatftFormats the output as a table.
TimeSpanNewCreates a TimeSpan object.
TraceSourceGetGets the Windows PowerShell components that are instrumented for tracing.
TraceSourceSetConfigures, starts, and stops a trace of Windows PowerShell components.
TransactionCompleteCommits the active transaction.
TransactionGetGets the current (active) transaction.
TransactionStartStarts a transaction.
TransactionUndoRolls back the active transaction.
TransactionUseAdds the script block to the active transaction.
TranscriptStartCreates a record of all or part of a Windows PowerShell session in a text file.
TranscriptStopStops a transcript.
TroubleshootingPackGetGets information about a troubleshooting pack and can generate an answer file.
TroubleshootingPackInvokeExecutes a troubleshooting pack in interactive or unattended mode to fix a problem, and then generates a results rep…
TypeAddAdds a Microsoft .NET Framework type (a class) to a Windows PowerShell session.
TypeDataGetGets the extended type data in the current session.
TypeDataRemoveDeletes extended types from the current session
TypeDataUpdateUpdates the extended type data in the session.
UICultureGetGets the current user interface (UI) culture settings in the operating system.
UniqueGetguReturns unique items from a sorted list.
VariableClearclvDeletes the value of a variable.
VariableGetgvGets the variables in the current console.
VariableNewnvCreates a new variable.
VariableRemovervDeletes a variable and its value.
VariableSetset, svSets the value of a variable. Creates the variable if one with the requested name does not exist.
VerboseWriteWrites text to the verbose message stream.
WarningWriteWrites a warning message.
WebRequestInvokecurl, iwr, wgetGets content from a web page on the Internet.
WebServiceProxyNewCreates a Web service proxy object that lets you use and manage the Web service in Windows PowerShell.
WideFormatfwFormats objects as a wide table that displays only one property of each object.
WinEventGetGets events from event logs and event tracing log files on local and remote computers.
WinEventNewCreates a new Windows event for the specified event provider.
WmiEventRegisterSubscribes to a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) event.
WmiInstanceSetCreates or updates an instance of an existing Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class.
WmiMethodInvokeiwmiCalls Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) methods.
WmiObjectGetgwmiGets instances of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes or information about the available classes.
WmiObjectRemoveDeletes an instance of an existing Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class.
WSManConnectConnects to the WinRM service on a remote computer.
WSManDisconnectDisconnects the client from the WinRM service on a remote computer.
WSManTestTests whether the WinRM service is running on a local or remote computer.
WSManActionInvokeInvokes an action on the object that is specified by the Resource URI and by the selectors.
WSManCredSSPDisableDisables Credential Security Support Provider (CredSSP) authentication on a client computer.
WSManCredSSPEnableEnables Credential Security Support Provider (CredSSP) authentication on a client or on a server computer.
WSManCredSSPGetGets the Credential Security Support Provider-related configuration for the client.
WSManInstanceGetDisplays management information for a resource instance specified by a Resource URI.
WSManInstanceNewCreates a new instance of a management resource.
WSManInstanceRemoveDeletes a management resource instance.
WSManInstanceSetModifies the management information that is related to a resource.
WSManQuickConfigSetConfigures the local computer for remote management.
WSManSessionOptionNewCreates a WS-Management session option hash table to use as input parameters to the following WS-Management cmdlets: Get-WSManInstance Set-WSManInstance Invoke-WSManAction Connect-WSMan
XmlConvertToCreates an XML-based representation of an object.
XmlSelectFinds text in an XML string or document.