Import from MS Access

Export Data from Access to Excel

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ReDim Limitations:

1. ReDim only for Dynamic Array, not Static Arrays

    Example: Dim MyArray() as integer ‘ Ok
                      ReDim MyArray(3)

                       Dim MyArray(2) As Integer ‘Declare as Static Array 
                       ReDim MyArray(3)                ‘This will cause an error

Collection with SET NEW

Sub dmwExport(query$, path$)

	On Error GoTo errHandler

	Dim xlApp As Object
	Dim wkbk As Object
	Dim msg$

	DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet _
	TransferType:    = acExport, _
	SpreadsheetType: = acSpreadsheetTypeExcel12Xml, _
	TableName:       = query$, _
	Filename:        = path$, _
	HasFieldNames:   = True

	Set xlApp        = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

	With xlApp
		.Visible = True
		Set wkbk = .Workbooks.Open(path$)
	End With

		Set wkbk  = Nothing
		Set xlApp = Nothing
	Exit Sub

		msg$ = Err.Description
		MsgBox msg$, vbExclamation, "Unanticipated Error"
		Resume procDone
	End Sub


  MyArray(0):zero MyArray(1):one MyArray(2):two