Excel Shortcuts

VBA Shortcuts

Alt+’Allows formatting on a dialog box.
Alt+=Creates a formula to sum all of the above cells.
Alt+EnterWhile typing text in a cell, pressing Alt+Enter will move to the next line, allowing for multiple lines of text in one cell.
Alt+SpacebarOpens the system menu.
Alt+TabCycles through applications.
Ctrl+0Hides columns.
Ctrl+1Changes the format of the selected cells.
Ctrl+2Bolds all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+3Puts italics all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+4Underlines all cells in highlighted section.
Ctrl+5Puts a strikethrough all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+6Show hidden objects
Ctrl+7Shows or hides the toolbar.
Ctrl+8Toggles the outline symbols.
Ctrl+9Hides rows.
Ctrl+-Deletes the selected column or row.
Ctrl+/Selects the array containing the active cell.
Ctrl+;Enters the current date.
Ctrl+[Selects all cells referenced by formulas in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+\Selects the cells that have a static value or don’t match the formula in the active cell.
Ctrl+]Selects cells that contain formulas that reference the active cell.
Ctrl+`Changes between displaying cell values or formulas in the worksheet.
Ctrl+’Copy above cell
Ctrl+ASelect all contents of a worksheet.
Ctrl+BBold all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+DFill Content of the selected cell on top to bottom. CTRL + D (i.e. Ctrl+ Down)
Ctrl+EndMove to last cell on worksheet.
Ctrl+EnterFills the selected cells with the current entry.
Ctrl+FSearch current sheet.
Ctrl+F11Inserts a macro sheet.
Ctrl+F3Open Excel Name Manager.
Ctrl+GGo to a certain area.
Ctrl+HomeMove to cell A1.
Ctrl+IPuts italics on all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+KInsert hyperlink
Ctrl+PPrint the current sheet.
Ctrl+PgupSwitches between worksheet tabs, from left-to-right.
Ctrl+PgdnSwitches between worksheet tabs, from right-to-left
Ctrl+RFill Right.
Ctrl+SSaves the open worksheet.
Ctrl+Shift+!Applies comma formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+#Applies date formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+$Applies currency formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+%Applies percentage formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+&Places border around selected cells.
Ctrl+Shift+(Unhide rows.
Ctrl+Shift+)Unhide columns.
Ctrl+Shift+*Selects the current region around the active cell.
Ctrl+Shift+:Enter current time
Ctrl+Shift+@Applies time formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+^Applies exponential formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+_Removes a border.
Ctrl+Shift+{Selects all cells directly or indirectly referenced by formulas in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+Shift+| (pipe)Selects the cells within a column that don’t match the formula or static value in the active cell.
Ctrl+Shift+}Selects cells which contain formulas that directly or indirectly reference the active cell.
Ctrl+Shift+~Switches between showing Excel formulas or their values in cells.
Ctrl+Shift+”Copies value from cell above.
Ctrl+Shift+=Inserts a new column or row.
Ctrl+Shift+AInserts argument names into a formula.
Ctrl+Shift+FOpens the drop-down menu for fonts.
Ctrl+Shift+OSelects all of the cells that contain comments.
Ctrl+Shift+PLaunch fonts menu setting
Ctrl+Shift+SpacebarSelects the entire worksheet.
Ctrl+Shift+TabActivates the previous workbook.
Ctrl+SpacebarSelects the entire column.
Ctrl+TabMove between Two or more open Excel files.
Ctrl+UUnderlines all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+VPastes everything copied onto the clipboard.
Ctrl+WCloses the current workbook.
Ctrl+XCuts all cells within the highlighted section.
Ctrl+YRepeats the last entry.
F1+AltInserts a chart.
F1+Alt+ShiftCreates a new worksheet.
F1Opens the Help menu.
F1 + ShiftOpens the “What’s This?” window.
F10+CtrlMaximize currently selected window.
F10Activates the menu bar.
F11+AltOpens the Visual Basic editor.
F11Creates a chart from selected data.
F12+CtrlOpens a file.
F12+Ctrl+ShiftPrints the current worksheet.
F12Save as.
F2+AltSave as.
F2+Alt+ShiftSaves the current worksheet.
F2Edits the selected cell.
F2+ShiftAllows the user to edit a cell comment.
F3+Ctrl+ShiftCreates names by using those of either row or column labels.
F3After a name has been created, F3 will paste names.
F3+ShiftOpens the Excel formula window.
F4+AltExits Excel.
F4+CtrlCloses current Window.
F4Convert the range into absolute range.Repeats last action.
F5+CtrlRestores window size.
F5Goes to a specific cell. For example, C6.
F5+ShiftBrings up a search box.
F6+CtrlNext workbook.
F6+Ctrl+ShiftPrevious workbook.
F6+Ctrl+ShiftMoves to the previous worksheet window.
F6Move to the next pane.
F6+ShiftMove to previous pane.
F7+CtrlMoves the window.
F7Spell check selected text or document.
F8+AltOpens the macro dialog box.
F8+CtrlResizes the window.
F8Enters Extend Mode.
F8+ShiftAdd to selection.
F9+CtrlMinimize current window.
F9Recalculates every workbook.
F9+ShiftPerforms calculate function on active sheet.
Shift+Down ArrowExtends the highlighted area down one cell.
Shift+EndHighlights all text to the right of the cursor.
Shift+HomeHighlights all text to the left of the cursor.
Shift+InsertPastes what is stored on the clipboard.
Shift+Left ArrowExtends the highlighted area left one character.
Shift+Page DownIn a single column, highlights all cells above that which are selected.
Shift+Page UpIn a single column, highlights all cells above that which are selected.
Shift+Up ArrowExtends the highlighted area up one cell.
Shift +Right ArrowExtends the highlighted area right one character.

Alt + F11 This toggles switch displays the VBE from the application window and vice versa.
Ctrl + GDisplays the Immediate window.
Ctrl + FOpens the Find dialog box.
F3Finds Next.
Shift + F3Finds Previous.
Ctrl + HOpens the Replace dialog box.
Ctrl + ZCancels the last keyboard stroke or the last mouse operation (when possible).
F5Runs the current procedure or continues execution after pausing.
Ctrl + BreakHalts a procedure.
Shift + F5Terminates a procedure and resets all variables to their default values.
Shift + F10Displays the active window’s shortcut menu.
Ctrl + ROpens the Project Explorer.
F4Opens the Properties window.
F2Opens the Object Browser.
F1Opens VBA Help.
F7Gives focus to the open module window.
Ctrl + Down ArrowSelects the next procedure.
Ctrl + Up ArrowSelects the previous procedure.
Ctrl + Page DownShifts one screen down.
Ctrl + Page UpShifts one screen up.
Ctrl + Shift + F2Goes to the last position.
Ctrl + HomeGoes to the beginning of module. (Also in the Immediate window.)
Ctrl + EndGoes to the end of module. (Also in the Immediate window.)
Ctrl + Right ArrowMoves one word to the right.
Ctrl + Left ArrowMoves one word to the left.
EndMoves to the end of the line.
HomeMoves to the beginning of the line.
Ctrl + YDeletes the current line.
Ctrl + DeleteDeletes to the end of a word.
Ctrl + Shift + F9Clears all breakpoints.
Project Explorer
F7 Shift + EnterOpens the selected file’s module.
HomeSelects the first file in the list.
EndSelects the last file in the list.
Right arrowExpands a sublist.
Left arrowCollapses a sublist.
Up arrowMoves up the list one item at a time.
Down arrowMoves down the list one item at a time.