Excel 2016 Features

First look of Excel 2016. Excel looks amazing and mind blowing. These are my favorite new features:

1. Tell me what you want to do?

No more Google search. “Tell me” box is essentially a search function that lists functions and operations matching your search terms. A really handy shortcut to get you where you want to go! On top of this there’s smart look-up which will use the internet to search relevant articles on your search term. Unlike HELP that shows descriptions or steps, “Tell me what want to do” take you right into action. Example when you enter “SORT” in the box and select the option of the action, it will sort the data immediately according to your selection.

How: Click a search box with a light bulb that says “Tell me what you want to do.” On the top of the page. The option is available on any tabs.


2. Quick analysis tools

The Quick Analysis tool offers features from formatting, charts, total, Tables and sparklines

How: Highlight selected range, and on the bottom of selection, you will see quick analysis tools icon


3. Ink Equations

This new feature converts your handwritten equations (or mathematical problems) to text, so you can insert them into your documents. You can use whatever tool works best for you—the mouse, a digital or light pen, or even your fingers—to write the math equations/problems.

How: Just select Insert > Symbols > Equation, then click Ink Equation from the drop-down menu. A Preview chalkboard box appears with writing tools displayed along the bottom.


4. PivotTable Enhancements

PivotTable grouping is used frequently by customers in many business scenarios. Implementing grouping for Data Model PivotTables allows for grouping to be used in conjunction with the power of the xVelocity engine and is a key feature for making Data Model PivotTables a replacement for native ones in the future:

– Automatic relationship detection which discovers and creates relationships among the tables used for your workbook’s data models.
– Automatic time grouping helps you use your time-related fields, such as year, quarter, month, by auto-detecting and grouping them on your behalf. Although time grouping is available in earlier versions, it is now automatic and much easier in Excel 2016. Search options in the PivotTable field list helps you get to the fields that are most important to you across your entire data set.

More details on new features in Excel 2016 in microsoft Site